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Fred Williamson as Lt. Robert 'Bob' Malone
Nicholas Hammond as Lt. Kevin McCall

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Reviewed by Jacob Moore 8 / 10

Surprisingly Entertaining

So first of all, my 8/10 rating is in comparison to other movies of this league--no budget, 70's-80's action films.

I had always had in interest in seeing Black Cobra but never got around to buying the movie. So when I saw Black Cobra and Black Cobra 2 at Walmart a few days ago, I picked it up. I was most impressed with the second film. It's very entertaining considering:

1. Its Badassness counterbalances its cheesiness

2. Fred Williamson kicks ass for an hour and 33 minutes

3. There is one really good explosion

4. Fred Williamson crashes through a window and blows away six terrorists with a shotgun

5. Most of the dialog, surprisingly, is very decently written and pretty funny.

Synopsis: Fred "The Hammer" Williamson reprises his role as Robert Malone, a street-smart cop who likes to law down the law and blow sh*t up. Malone's police chief gets frustrated with him when he continues to stubbornly deal in his own brand of justice. So the chief sends Malone to Manilla, the Phillipines, in a foreign police exchange program.

Mallone then teams up with Lt. McCall in the Phillipines, who seems to be a tight wad, but ends up becoming his friend. When the two go to retrieve Mallone's stolen wallet, they stumble upon a murder and soon get pulled into a conspiracy. Together they kick a lot of *ss, and shoot a lot of criminals.

One of my personal favorite parts is when McCall's little boy (who for some reason has a really ridiculously dubbed voice) gets kidnapped, McCall approaches the man responsible for it. The man turns around to shoot McCall, but he shoots the man like eight times, point blank. And Fred Williamson, being a martial artist, beats those henchmen to sh*t.

This movie is very reminiscent of Dirty Harry, if you dig that series. Fred Williamson has a lot of natural acting charm, Nicholas Hammond delivers and is very believable as well. This movie is a gem, don't miss out on it.

Reviewed by legendaryunderdog 10 / 10

Fred Williamson is back as Detective Robert Malone...Oooh Yeeah!

I loved the first installment of this series and the sequel is just as good and maybe even a touch better than the previous installment but for me it is just all about Fred Williamson's character Detective Robert Malone, bringing justice to the streets, nailing the bad guys, he's bad, he's mean, he's gotta past that he'd love to forget and now he's gotta go to the Phillippines and work with INTERPOL to capture some terrorists. The character study between Hammond's character and Williamson's character and the reversal of their respective personalities that takes place towards the final shootout of the film is very interesting. The soundtrack to this film is awesome, really encompasses the creepy street vibe ala Jimmy Page's "Death Wish 2" score. Again I would recommend this film to anyone that doesn't judge films too harshly and would just rather sit back and watch some low budget action. 10 out of 10 stars any day of the week.

Reviewed by Nakrophile 10 / 10

Badass with a badge

Interesting fact: there are several posts on the original film's message board, but as of this writing there none (other than my own which is just a copy of this review) on this film's board. You have to wonder why that is. I mean the first one is enjoyable trash but, and let's be honest, it is a real piece of crap and most likely only Hammer fans and lovers of bad films will sit through to the end. Besides the opening hostage negotiation and a couple of amazing moments of sexism, it is the kind of film you put on and then go and do something else, perhaps opening a book and occasionally looking over the edge of the page to remind yourself that, yes this is still happening. But dammit it's enjoyable enough, and I have certainly seen worse in all qualities.

Black Cobra 2, though (and forgive me if I am misremembering, but I think the 'the' preface is a new addition), is just a fantastic little film. Yes, it's still trash but it easily stacks up against similar fare Hollywood were putting out around the same time and for a while afterwards. The Hammer is back and his entrance, while not quite as hilarious as before, is arguably better. Certainly it establishes the recurring motif of the cigar which, correct me if I am wrong, was not in the original (and if it was, certainly not to this degree). I don't know, maybe I missed it in-between the book I was reading. It's fine though, because as well as the probable increase in the cigar factor, the cast is great, the action is great, the script is brilliant and the score is amazing.

Now when I say the cast is great, what I really mean is this. Naturally the Hammer is great, and he seems a lot more into the proceedings this time around. Then we have Nicholas Hammond who was a great surprise, and made me want to dig out the Spidey episodes I have recorded somewhere. I really can't seem to remember who the villains were besides generic thieves, I'm sure Scorpion or Doc Ock may have been in one episode; I will have to do some research into this important matter. As for the rest, Emma Hoagland was alright when her hair wasn't a repulsive distraction (which to be fair only happened once), and I am shocked to see that Edward Santana has, according to this website, only appeared in three films. And one of them is probably archive footage. Now I haven't yet seen Black Cobra 3 (I am saving that for the weekend), but he delivered everything one could hope for from a angry police chief. I would have enjoyed it even more if he had asked for Malone's badge and gun and shouted "now cut that s**t out!" when Malone slammed his fist on his captain's desk demanding to be put back on the case, but I understand why this classic scene didn't make it as the plot had other ideas. I also very much doubt he has only appeared in three films. Lastly, Oscar Daniels - who portrayed the pick-pocket at the airport who later winds up dead - looking at his resume makes me want to watch Among Thieves, a short film he appears to have written, edited and directed.

When I say the action was great, I mean it was better than the first film but was pretty generic I suppose (apart from the Hammer doing his own bad ass stunts, and also it was pretty cool when he snapped that dude's neck). Oh well, I still liked it, and the AWESOME guitar and synthesiser score complimented it superbly. Oh and on that score, yes it was great but holy crap the repetition. Oh well, I didn't get sick of it when it looped for the fifth time, so I guess that's something.

But probably the biggest improvement (other than the transfer on the copies of Black Cobra 1 and The Black Cobra 2 I have) was the script. As in, it was actually good. Well, I say good, but it definitely was loads better and obviously a vast improvement over the stale or often non-existent dialogue of the first film. There were a lot of fun lines, and also nice little touches like the old maid grumbling to herself in the hotel before Hammer and Nick find the pickpocket's corpse.

And how can you not enjoy the two man assault on the school at the end. Sure, there was absolutely no kids, teachers, classrooms or signs of learning whatsoever, but just watching them climb up the elevator shaft was more exiting than a dozen Die Hards. Okay that is the praise on the cover of the region 2 Tartan release of Hard Boiled, but when the Hammer smashed through the window and blew like six guys away with a shotgun you got to admit that was pretty bad ass.

About my only complaint was that the tom hits in the score never really amounted to any real sense of musical progression, that the crappy love ballad the girl sings in the club was used as the end credits son instead of a cheesy rock ballad (even the same song from the first film would have been better), and lastly that at no point that I can recall did the Hammer end a statement with, "ya dig." Also it would have been nice to see his cat again. Maybe Malone has leaned to clear away those red tins so Pervis doesn't get mad again.

Al in all top class entertainment.

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