The Boogens


Action / Horror

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Anne-Marie Martin as Jessica Ford
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Reviewed by thedeadguy-1 7 / 10

Insider info about the Monster Sound FX

My Father,Jeffery Sandler, was Supervising Sound Editor on this film when I was just a boy of 11 years. He took me to work quite often, and during post production on The Boogens, he got stumped as to how the monster should sound. Well he comes to me and asks if I have any ideas? And I played around with sounds that scared me and I came with the following:

Breathing: Vampire Breathing

Heartbeat: Heartbeat sound sped up and slowed down repeatedly

Monster Roar: Dog&Cat Fight,slowed down,played backward

That roar was the most horrific thing you ever heard. We set up the sound rig in a hallway intersection in the building(Glenn Glenn Sound)and put speakers at the end of each hall. We turned out the lights so we had dark down all of the hallways(like being in a mine)and played the sound from random directions....even though we know we were alone in the building,Me,My Dad,and a co-worker of his,none of us wanted to walk down into the dark to turn on the light alone. We were all scared out of our minds. Well, my Dad used the sound fx I came up with and gave me $50 for my work. And that was my start in the movie business at age 11.

Reviewed by andybob-3 7 / 10

can any movie starring rebecca balding be all bad?

A group of four mine surveyors are hired to explore a long abandoned silver mine to see if whether or not it is worth reopening. Two of the men, along with a girlfriend and her best friend, rent a secluded cabin not too far from the mine, but soon find out the hard way that they've released strange, tentacled creatures which once again stalk people in the tunnels, as well as their cabin's basement.

Like other cult films such as "The Boogeyman" I had a real hard time writing this review, because for some reason I had a lot of trouble putting my finger on exactly why I liked this movie, despite the fact it gives plenty of reasons not to. There are plot holes galore, with one blatant example being why would the miners have dug tunnels from the mine to the town's houses? The script is the standard B-movie issue, "let's all line up for a slaughter in the climax" type of formula, although there is a good laugh here and there, and sort of a good rapport between Balding and McCarren. The cast does a fairly good job with the material they're given, with Balding stealing the show with her perky, big-eyed charismatic charm, and "Creepshow" icon Jon ("I want my cake!") Lormer standing out whenever given the screen.

Director Conway does give this movie a creepy edge, showing ominous point-of-view shots from the creatures quietly stalking their victims, and he wisely leaves what they look like up to the imagination of the audience up until the climax. Unfortunately in the end the monster special effects aren't up to the task, and when you do finally get a good look at them you just have to laugh. They're very imaginative but look too phony and turtle-like to be taken seriously, one wonders how this film might have gotten more overall notice if they worked a little harder on them? Given the same cast, director, better monster FX and a more thoughtful script this could have been a monster movie classic.

7 out of 10, you need to be a forgiving sort to enjoy this film despite of its many flaws, but for some it will still manage to strike the right chords.

Reviewed by BloodTheTelepathicDog 7 / 10

One of the 80's finest horrors

Granted when we finally get to see the creatures, they are laughable, but the makers had the foresight to not unveil the monsters until the credits where about to role. That may not appeal to others, but trust me, you'll be happy that they waited.

The story is solid as there aren't any gaping plot holes like so many horror films. The characters are genuine and easily related with.

The plot has four men opening up a deserted mine, which allows the title creatures freedom to kill. There are several nail-biting scenes that are handled well, and the actors are all capable. Fred McCarren and Jeff Harlan are splendid as the young miners, and Sledgehammer's Anne-Marie Martin chews up a good ten minutes of terror as she tries to fight off a boogen.

I fell for Rebecca Balding after watching this, as she has that sexy but sensitive girl-next-door quality lost on so many actresses.

You can't go wrong with this film, I urge you to pick it up.

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