The Book of Eli


Action / Adventure / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 48%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 64%
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Mila Kunis as Solara
Gary Oldman as Carnegie
Ray Stevenson as Redridge
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by peachs-stephanie 7 / 10

Strong visuals, weak plot.

The Book of Eli has the potential to be a great film or complete rubbish depending on your expectations of what is to come. If you are looking for a film with some deeper meaning then I would not recommend it. However, if you are looking for a film with beautiful cinematography, solid acting and a little bit of fun action then you will be pleased.

The key in watching the film is to not buy into the plot too much, which is where the viewer is going to be disappointed. The ending is a little far fetched and I couldn't help but roll my eyes. Although I honestly don't see a particularly good ending for the basic premise of the film.

If you are able to put the silliness with the story behind you, the film is wonderfully done. There is great camera work with interesting angles and framing; the set showcases the contrast between the stark light of the sun and the shadows where humankind is hiding; and the acting makes you want to buy into the characters and their conflicts.

I would recommend seeing the film, just don't get too involved with the story. Instead concentrate on the acting and the scene.

Reviewed by mmetz105-1 2 / 10

Most disappointing film i've waited to see

I have to agree with one reviewer that stated the movie should have ended with the shot of Eli's eyes. Solara becoming the next warrior is ridiculous. The actors were fine but why doesn't Denzel Washington realize that most of the movie doesn't make sense. He uses his bow in the first scene and takes the arrow. After that we don't see where he carries his bow until he needs it later in the film. He has his backpack emptied a couple of times and no shells for his guns or bow is seen. After killing the 2 guys he didn't take his arrows. Eli then tells Solara to take down the bow and wind up the bowstring and he is carrying 1 arrow. In the next scene the bow and arrow are absent. In the opening scene the sky is ominous and an eerie green with particles falling from the sky. At the end of the movie Alcatraz has blue skies, clouds and grass. Am I expected to think it took Eli 30 years to walk across the US? Were those plastic wrapped twinkies that he was sharing with Solara? How would they have tasted 30 years later? Would someone explain how he got out of the locked room (I missed that part)? The house where they were in the shootout with Carnegie and his henchmen was completely full of bullet holes except where the old couple and Eli/Solara were standing. When Solara causes the vehicle she's in to crash how does Eli's blade (which was on the dashboard) get embedded completely to the hilt in Redridge's chest? Is the woman hijacker (with the grocery cart) the same as the second one nearer to the end of the movie? If so how does she get a new gang (since Eli has killed all of her first friends) and get further down the road towards Alcatraz for Solara and Eli to meet again? To have the same ambush using a woman crying with a grocery cart seems lazy to me. Now after dictating the entire bible (with a big hole in his gut/chest) the bible is printed, leather bound and gold leafed only to be placed on a shelf where no one is going to read it. I'm glad for those who enjoyed the movie. It just has too many questionable and unbelievable scenes which caused my frustration. And I wish people would stop comparing this sham of a movie to 'The Road'.

Reviewed by rrc-2 1 / 10

Religious propaganda with action sequences

Not sure how much the church was involved with this project, but it seems as though it was funded almost entirely by the church. And maybe Oprah. If not, the church should provide the people who made this movie with free blessings for a year - or whatever.

This movie uses misleading advertising to draw us in. (which goes against the messaging in the movie....) What we expect is an apocalyptic thriller with a super strong survivor trying to make his way through life. We know from the advertising that he has a book he must protect - but we are not told that it is a bible. The last bible.

The movie progresses normally for about the first 1/3rd or so. And then the propaganda begins. Despite Eli's best efforts, his friend and the villains become aware that he has a bible. The villain wants the bible to begin a cult in his own name, Eli wants the bible because a voice told him to go to a place where the book was, and then, vaguely, to go west. He reads it every day. The premise of the film is that he followed the voices instructions, found the book, and has been walking west for the past 30 years. (it seems Eli could have used some help from Forrest Gump) The movie devolves into actions segments spaced between dialog about the bible and faith. If that is your thing enjoy. My feeling on it was that the acting was not bad, the feel established by the cinematography for the movie was good but overall this film was a transparent vehicle for religious cheer leading and not much more.

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