The Book of Esther


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 33%
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Jennifer Lyons as Vashti
Eliza Roberts as Judith
Jen Lilley as Esther
Cory Oliver as Daria
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tawa920 3 / 10

Commendable effort but poor storyline

The general story is the same but so many details are changed or left out that this did not give a good account of the book of Esther. It seems like every aspect of the story was changed in some way so that the true account wouldn't be the same. Part of the significance of the real story, in my opinion, is the hardship that Esther and her family experienced. Persia was full of corrupt practices, conniving actions, and utter extravagance but this movie portrayed none of that. I must say that any movie made by Christians to reach those who are unfamiliar is worth the effort but staying closer to the story would have increased the quality. If you want a great version to better depicts the story, watch "One Night with the King." Though it also changes a few details, it portrays the story in a better way.

Reviewed by Bianca P 1 / 10


I am saddened to say that this film is absolutely atrocious. I watched it a couple of months ago at a Youth Bible Study, and still cannot fathom the atrocities that I saw. Before I begin, I'd like to say that I am a fan of PureFlix and respect the fact that the production company does its best to make high quality Christian films as a means to spread the Gospel. However, the 'high quality' thing I just said up top extends millions of miles away from what one sees on 'The Book of Esther.' It is one of the worst movies I have seen in my entire life. (And I've watched crappy TV movies from both Lifetime and Sci-fy channel.)

To make my list of reasons easier, I will number them: 1. The CG is laughable. 2. The acting is as if the producers hired volunteers off the street instead of legit actors. 3. The props looked as if they were bought at Walmart - no lie. (e.g. Queen Vashti's wig looks like it was bought at the after-Halloween clearance section from Walmart. 4. All actors had different accents. (e.g. Queen Esther sounded like she came straight out of Los Angeles, which really threw me off). 5. Slight inaccuracies to the biblical account here and there, but nothing too major.

All in all, this movie is horrible. I know that budgets are not high enough to turn the movie into a big action-y straight-out-of-Hollywood movie, nor do I expect it to be, but I believe PureFlix could have done way better than this.

Reviewed by navin035 10 / 10

Great Movie according to bible

The Movie starts slowly at first half and then second half was wonderfully done.This is the movie according to bible.All ages can enjoy,Comparing to old Esther movie this movie was also wonderfully done.I thank Director David white for this wonderful movie given to us.It is very nice to see that is in blue ray format.Its a treat for all Christian friends.I highly recommend this movie to everyone.This movie was produced by PureFlix Entertainment that really excited me,they are on top producing Christian films.In today days they are giving us so many Christian movies that is really inspirational and entertaining for Christian friends.

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