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Action / Comedy / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 15%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by luvie2 7 / 10

Good Solid Movie with Characters who at least think

I watched this Movie with Not a lot of hope after reading some of the reviews here, Lets say I was pleasantly surprised. OK you can pick holes in any movie all day long if you try but this was a Good Solid hour and a Halfs Viewing. The Subject matter was a bit different for a Horror film, with no need for stupid poor CGI, the characters all acted like they had a Brain and the acting was pretty good. Is it worth the money to go to the Cinema and see. Well maybe, but as a Saturday night DVD you wont go far wrong. Its Good solid chewing gum for the eyes , I'm giving it 7 out of 10 Purely because It surprised me how much the characters thought there actions through, and the Entertainment value on the Small budget. Don't Hesitate to Rent it

Reviewed by jpgonc 7 / 10

Intelligent teens vs intelligent dogs makes it above the normal

Surprise is the word! After seeing the plot outlined here I thought this was another movie with a bunch of silly teens getting killed one by one by supernatural dogs. Instead, I watched a very enjoyable, solid and realistic thrilling and Sci-Fi film.

Five middle class teenagers fly to an uncle's private island for a party weekend. What it seemed a good time spent it turned to be a terrible situation when a big group of (intelligent) killer dogs start to "plan" the teens' capture and death.

The action starts at the beginning and then will start again at the middle of the movie. From then is always packed with some suspense and chases but everything very well shot and capable of arousing and holding the attention of the viewers. The movie's many attack sequences are really the best of it. The 10 to 15 dogs, (very well trained) are, undoubtedly, the 'cherry on top' of the movie. They really act normal off course and we can assist to their natural greatness of dreadful attacks.

The human cast actually does a good and decent job even if their characters are stereotypical due to flaws in the script lines. There's some moments when they drop to mediocre acting but that's because they following the script contradicting some of the action... but that's minor spots, no big deal and doesn't affect the admirable outcome of the movie.

I think I saw a reviewer here asking where the dogs came from... Near the end that's very explicit. I saw another showing his disappointment because the dogs were 'normal and not scary'. Don't expect genetically altered beasts with red eyes and acting like werewolves... no. The dogs were genetically altered at brain level, and that's why they're smarter than normal.

Nicholas Mastandrea does a splendid job directing it but he should have asked Screenwriter's Robert Conte and Peter M. Wortmann to put some original and not clichéd lines in the teens' dialog.

Great cinematography for a good weekend.

Reviewed by ThrownMuse 6 / 10

Stupid but entertaining

A bunch of undergrads (played by 30 and 40somethings--no joke!) take their jet to an abandoned island for a vacation. Because undergrads do that? They get attacked by wild dogs that turn out to be genetically engineered killers. Scary! History has taught me to stay away from anything labeled "Wes Craven Presents," but I decided to check this out because how bad could a movie starring Michelle Rodriguez vs Killer Dogs be? Rodriguez isn't the best actress, but I always enjoy seeing her one-note tough-girl shtick in movies or TV (long live Ana Lucia!) And she does her own stunts in this! There's no CGI, which is commendable, though I'm not entirely sure how I feel about a large number of dogs being trained to attack for the sake of a dumb horror movie. And this is, indeed, a dumb horror movie. All the clichés are intact, the writing is awful, and there's even a dumb subplot about brotherly love. Or something. Taryn Manning is cast as the "hottie" of the group, though she looks washed-up and talks like she smokes six packs a day. There's an interesting subplot with her character that would have made the movie more interesting had it been expanded upon. This is enjoyable for what it is, but it's nothing special.

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