The Brothers Grimsby


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Tamsin Egerton as Carla Barnes
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Isla Fisher as Jodie Figgis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mlaimlai2 8 / 10

There's nothing grim about "Grimsby"

The funniest movie for at least a year! Sacha Baron Cohen at the top of his game. Rude, crude, filthy, but absolutely hilarious with numerous laugh-out-loud moments. So many laughs in fact that I found myself wiping away the tears from laughing so much. It certainly helps if you are a Sacha Baron Cohen fan because he is politically incorrect and his humour is guaranteed to offend anyone who is sensitive to issues like AIDS, religion, sexual abuse and the disabled. Of course comedy is so subjective that you mightn't find any of this funny but I had such a fun time, I cannot wait to see it again to check out the jokes I might have missed out the first time around from laughing too much.

Norman aka Nobby (Sacha Baron Cohen) is an English football hooligan who is happily married to Lindsey (Rebel Wilson). They live together with their nine children in Grimsby in the north of England. He has a brother, Sebastian (Mark Strong), whom he hasn't seen for 28 years as they were separated when their parents died. What Nobby doesn't know is that Sebastian is a top MI6 agent who doesn't reveal his identity. He is on a case where is attempting to prevent the assassination of humanitarian, Kate (Penelope Cruz) when Nobby spots him and inadvertently causes him to kill the director-general of the World Health Organisation. With only Margaret (Isla Fisher) in the operations room advising him, Sebastian must rely on his brother to help him catch the real perpetrators of the crime.

There's plenty of gross out humour on display ranging from an elephant bukkake scene to Nobby sucking out the poison from his brother's scrotum. Other standout funny scenes include a case of mistaken identity when Nobby masquerades as his brother to obtain vital information and Nobby searching for Sebastian in a spa therapy centre. And if you like celebrities being lampooned, people like Bill Cosby, Donald Trump and Daniel Radcliffe are fair game for the jokes that are heaped upon them.

Not only are there laughs aplenty but there are also exciting sequences that would please action enthusiasts. The point of view scenes that help Sebastian with locating his targets might be frenetic but they inject variety into the typical chase scenes. There's even a touch of sensitive family bonding scenes when Nobby and Sebastian recall what they got up to during their childhood. Although the flashback scenes are helpful in providing their adult lives with a backstory, they do occasionally encroach into the comedy and action territory.

The people of Grimsby were apparently annoyed with the depiction of their town but what is a Sacha Baron Cohen film without a little controversy? The run down appearance of the town and hooliganism representing the townsfolk add a lot to the comedic appeal of the film.

Supporting actors like Isla Fisher and Ian McShane don't get much of a look in because "Grimsby" truly belongs to Baron Cohen and Strong. One could say that Baron Cohen is typecast as the unintelligent Nobby but he plays these sorts of characters so well. Strong is more of the straight man to Baron Cohen's bumbling fool but it's the situations they find themselves in that promote the laugh factor.

"Grimsby" is known as "The Brothers Grimsby" in America. The film could be called anything and it wouldn't matter for it's the material that makes it so much fun. This is one of the best gutter humour movies ever released and definitely worthy of repeat viewings if you're a fan of this type of comedy, and especially if you appreciate Sacha Baron Cohen's brand of humour.

Reviewed by chaz7227 10 / 10

Excellent gut busting humor sensitive folks stick to PG or PC

Great raw humor no holding back in this flick...So tired of all the negative reviews of this wonderful film from the sensitive wimps of the comic book intellectual universe where every joke needs a proper set up or delivery or can't be too much against my twitter world of perception...I am a big fan of Sacha Baron Cohen and love his humor...So nice to see him still pushing the envelope...I really do believe only those with a real sense of humor get this and those who don't go watch the PG or PG-13 world of politically correct don't offend anybody sensitive let's all be friendly fantasy world you live in...KEEP IT RAW AND KEEP OFFENDING THOSE WHO OFFEND SACHA!!! And for all of you who don't like this movie go watch Blazin Saddles!!!

Reviewed by paul-2369 9 / 10

Not laughed so much at the cinema since the parole officer

Went to watch Grimsby last night on a whim and ended up having a great time. Not everyone's cup of tea I'm sure, but surely anyone going to see this new Sacha Baron Cohen film knows exactly what they are going to get.

To be honest I was amazed how good the action scenes where played out, they could rival any serious action movie, however I was there for the comedy and that's what I got, I don't want to spoil this movie but I can't remember the last time I cried with laughter or cringed at the same time I was laughing, everyone in the cinema was in hysterics at some of the parts, an overly long scene featuring Elephants (I'll say no more) made my face and stomach hurt i was laughing that hard.

Rebel Wilson was great I love her in everything I watch her in, her Aussie accent did come out a few times which I forgive her for, but the line she delivered "am not pregnant am just fu*kin fat" was as Northern as they come.

Go see this movie, you'll laugh, you'll cringe, you'll feel ashamed of yourself for laughing at some parts but you'll be entertained, I promise.

I do think Sacha Baron Cohen needs to go see a doctor, maybe a psychiatrist as no one should be thinking up stuff like this, it's wrong.

As for people getting upset about the movie making fun of Grimsby, come on it's a joke, I haven't been their but I'm intelligent enough to know its completely exaggerated for comic effect, I'm from the North, Lancashire, actually and the funniest thing is how many people I meet in London through work who think I come from a similar place...

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