The Caller


Action / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 29%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 41%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 9368


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Stephen Moyer as John Guidi
Rachelle Lefevre as Mary Kee
Luis Guzmán as George
Ed Quinn as Steven Campbell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mia A 7 / 10

A very surprisingly good suspense movie that deserves to be watched. Very neat idea that is both exciting and tense. I say A-

i went to see this movie without thinking i was going to be completely engrossed in the film and its complex characters. The story starts with a young woman that is currently in divorce proceedings from her estranged husband, moving into a new apartment. Everything starts off OK except that during her settling in to her new apartment she answers the phone where a older woman on the other line asks for a man that doesn't live there. from there on a phone relationship builds with this seemingly unstable elderly woman and a lonely young woman going through a difficult divorce. in time, strange things begin to happen and the movie takes a scary turn, it becomes extremely suspenseful and scary even though there is a lack of blood and graphic violence. i found the movie very entertaining and with its numerous twists, a movie that made you have discussions afterward in the theater with your friends about who was who, what does it really mean and what was real or a dream. a must see movie!

Reviewed by a-wheater58 8 / 10

great movie

I totally agree with the other reviewers that say that the film is not your average horror, it draws you in and is very clever and is a very good film of the horror genre without being a total cop out in the slasher come blood guts type, and its the story line that gives it its power, excellent.I know of a lot of this type that do not deliver in the way that you wish, but this film does not operate in the visceral way ,its more of the mind and makes you think more of what comes next, believe me , this film is better than most run of the mill films of this type.

horror films and I would recommend it most highly to anyone that appreciates intelligent but not over the top dark, but not total degenerate films of that ilk, I hope this has helped your choice.

Reviewed by nisusdominus 10 / 10

Spoiler! There are two themes in this movie!

For all the negative reviews I've read from reviewers on this movie, I am very inclined to clarify one thing: There are two premises here. These you will see as the plot develops. The first premise is a quantum time loop. The movie begins with this premise. The second premise is psychological. This premise is most clearly seen at the end - and when you look at the plot in retrospect, it's entirely clear that a time loop may never have existed! As the time loop changes, Mary's history is too. As Rose changes the past, it becomes Mary's real present. By the end of the movie she is in the apartment of the woman who abducted her and hurt her as a child! This leads up to the idea that perhaps there was never a time loop, that perhaps Mary's having a psychotic breakdown and imagining what looks like a time warp, and that maybe Mary returned to Rose's apartment (where she was abducted and held as a child) to kill and hide her abusive husband (who has stalked her all the way back to Puerto Rico) in the wall where Rose's victims lay undiscovered! A psychotic break that leads to an unconscious plan to lure and murder her husband! The change in the perception of reality = The change in quantum reality. The First is the psychological premise in the movie, and the second is its scientific premise. The reason why none of the many whys you keep bringing up are never answered is because as the past changed, so would everything that the whys would have explained - so explaining all the whys would have been pointless, seeing how it all would have changed anyway! To get this movie think: Beginning to End = time loop, and End to Beginning = psychosis. It's brilliant! 5 stars! Fantastic movie with fantastic twists and reversals! What seems impossible becomes entirely probable and then almost obvious!

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