The Captive


Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 29%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 34%
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Rosario Dawson as Nicole
Ryan Reynolds as Matthew
Kevin Durand as Mika
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by reddperc 1 / 10

Boy, this is Bad

It should be a telling indicator when a movie studio releases a movie online the same time they release it in the theaters. It means the studio knows it's a bomb, and is going to try and get the most money they can out of it, through all mediums, before the negative reviews take hold. Well, it worked, and they got my $5.99. Ugh.

Movie has the potential to be something gripping, but instead it just slugs along. In other films, showing scenes out of sequence is done for specific impact or effect. Here it's done as a gimmick - "Hey, how about we show this part here, and then just for the hell of it, show an earlier part next, and then something from the middle after that..." Give me a break. It serves absolutely no purpose, and only further confuses, frustrates, and angers the audience.

Some of the acting is well done, but it's not enough. The creepy child abductor character is practically wearing a "creepy child abductor" Halloween mask, and yet he shuffles through this entire movie with nobody suspecting a thing. The relationship between the male/female detective leads is awkward, and never fully explained. The secondary members of the detective team are introduced with specific "gifts", only to be essentially never seen again (never mind showing how their "gifts" are relevant to the story).

I've never written a review here before, but this is such a clunker, I just couldn't help myself. I cringe as some others are comparing this to Hitchcock. Lord, have ya seen Hitchcock? Cause this crap ain't even close.

Reviewed by indianhonda 10 / 10

Why the hate? A pretty good movie, definitely recommend it!!

Don't read any of the reviews, I don't understand why the hate. It was a pretty decent movie, had some plot holes but very much watchable and you'll definitely like it if u watch with an open mind. A father looking for her kidnapped daughter is not something new but its not a typical movie where the father just goes berserk and kills off all the bad people. The father just acts like a normal average person would. It is not as good as prisoners was but definitely doesn't deserve to be rated so low. The story moves back and forth which i find is pretty cool, but some people might not like it as it can be a little confusing at times.

The acting is superb and the movie is a little slow to start off but overall, i would definitely recommend this movie!! Watch for yourself and decide!

Reviewed by Nate The Great 1 / 10

Impressively Bad

Throughout the movie, I kept thinking..."something please happen". All of the pieces were there, good actors, good director, probably a script. And there were so many avenues they could have taken with it. Something with her ice skating friend, something with the mom, something with the cousin that got arrested. But everything about this movie was just so convenient that I wanted to puke.

It starts out with the girl getting taken out of a vehicle and there's no tire tracks, no footprints, nothing for the police to use to corroborate the main character's story. So the main character becomes the police's main suspect instead of looking for anyone else (right). The kidnapper happens to have some work relation to the main detective who just so happened to be kidnapped when she was a girl (but they never really go into that). And the kidnapper is also able to hack into specific computer cameras and setup cameras so he and the kidnap victim can watch everyone (but how or why he does this isn't clear). And he also decides on a whim to let his kidnap victim see her dad after 8 years (potentially screwing up his whole kid molesting operation). The main character brings a truck load of trees to a job, when he's told to hang onto them until the next day and stay at a motel overnight, but the kidnapper just so happens to know where and when the main character is going to be, then steals the trees and uses them like bread crumbs to lead him to his kidnap victim (if it was me, I would have thought my trees were just stolen, not this guy though). When she sees her dad, the kidnap victim conveys in code to go check out her old ice skating partner, just as he does, some random lady that shows up late in the story just so happens to be conducting a bullshit interview with the kid after 8 years on a cellphone to show the kidnapper later (but his and her relationship aren't well defined either except for some hint that she may have also been a kidnap victim earlier in the movie). Then the main character just so happens to steal the phone that she was recording on causing him to be chased (but could have just as easily not done that and let the car drive back to the house where they were keeping his daughter). The entire movie is like this. Crazy unnecessary actions that just so happen to happen, who wrote this nonsense! Its supposed to be deep but just ends up shallow!

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