The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes The Eligible Bachelor


Action / Crime / Drama / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes
Edward Hardwicke as Doctor Watson / Dr Watson
Paris Jefferson as Henrietta Doran
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Troll_Dahl 8 / 10

A Memorable Episode--Fans Should Give it a Fair Try

Putting it simply, I don't agree with those who think this film is one of the weakest of Jeremy Brett's Sherlock Holmes adaptations or that it has no merit whatsoever. I can understand why it isn't especially well-liked by fans but I think some of the ire is unwarranted.

The first issue with the episode is that it is a loose adaptation of The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor. If the only reason you watch this series is to see close adaptations, you'll probably be disappointed, but I recommend giving it a chance anyway.

As a film, it has a lot to recommend it. The presentation is sophisticated and sumptuous. Gloven, one one of the main settings, is beautiful. The sequences introducing the title character, Lord Robert (Simon Williams) and Hettie (Paris Jefferson) are beautifully acted and filmed. I'm almost certain it was designed to appeal to drama-lovers. There are expansive views of the estate, glistening sunlight-on-water shots, clever panning shots to pull us into the next section. Williams and Jefferson are also standouts among the episode cast. These shows always had excellent actors and Paris Jefferson is especially powerful for me as Hettie, who most definitely is not a damsel in distress. When Lord Robert teases that she's more "wild and beautiful" than a great cat, he ironically does not realize how true that is.

While the film has been called both boring and confusing, I'd take issue with those. "Confusing" I can understand. Especially in the first third or so, you could say some parts are disjointed. I think we're purposely being fed scraps of information. "Boring" is the last word I'd use. I guess it doesn't move quickly, but for me it's a comfortable pace that allows the story to unfold and the viewer to absorb the things happening on screen. There are one or two sequences that are a bit shoehorned but they are minor to some other pretty effective editing choices. Such as the sequence of events on Holmes' night out or intercutting the wedding with Holmes in his flat.

Speaking of Holmes, I think Jeremy Brett is tremendous here: one of his finest performances as Holmes, however out of sorts the character may be--not a moment gone amiss. Some people think Brett is theatrical, affected, flamboyant, over the top, and so on. Guess what? He is and it's a style that, by the this point, he had, for my tastes, honed to perfection. It's evident to me that there's an incredible depth and intensity emotion that Brett drew upon in these performances. His depth shines on through as Sherlock's depth.

Regarding acting, props also to Anna Calder-Marshall, who has a strong dual role playing sisters. I'm not sure why she was cast in both roles (other than saving money) but it's done cleverly, as the actress's appearance is obscured for different reasons for both characters. Really, the whole cast cast is strong except for the man playing Hettie's love. Although he only appears briefly, he seems lifeless. I doubt he was/is authentically American. Maybe he was more preoccupied with the accent than the acting.

Contrary to some other reviewers, I would definitely recommend Holmes/mystery/film fans give this film a fair try, with as little clouded judgment from negative reviews as possible. Sure, it's weird; what's wrong with that?

Reviewed by trimmerb1234 5 / 10

Holmes? Is it really you?

Asks Watson. Unfortunately not at all. This feature length production concocts a Holmes who is not at all himself. Holmes, the archetypal steely-nerved arch-rationalist here, in the hands of this writer and director, instead becomes prey to nightmares and tortured by flashbacks and phantasms. Will he be forced to seek counselling we wonder? The writer stopped just short of this but he the director otherwise knew no bounds. Pointless over-elaboration - and a lack of point. If it's allusive they use it. Such things often are the hallmark of a lesser talent given too many resources. Surprising to find this in the work of a writer and a director with long track records. But what a shame that this fine cast (inc guests Simon Williams and Anna Calder-Marshal), these sumptuous interiors and costumes,these atmospheric exteriors were not put to better use.

Its always good to watch the Brett/Hardwicke combo in their struggles against criminality and injustice. Here though they are pitted against criminally bad writing and direction

A ray of hope. Re-editing might yet rescue it.

Reviewed by ListerUK2001 10 / 10

Turgid, dull, over long . . .

This dramatization of a short story is stretched past breaking point. Far, far, far too much padding takes place before the story gets started. Even when it does, every scene is dragged out to painful length with no explanatory dialogue so as to make it impossible to comprehend nor actually care for any of the characters. Only Jeremy Brett's usual excellence as Holmes makes this awful mess even slightly worth watching.

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