The Case for Christ



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tjpierce-45675 1 / 10

More proselytizing pablum

Hollywood knows a cash market when they see one. They have learned that evangelicals will throw lots of money at anything that supports their beliefs and helps indoctrinate others, and so we're seeing these proselytizing flicks regularly.

What makes this one particularly loathsome is that the filmmakers hawk it as being based on the "hard-hitting" journalism of Lee Strobel. Well, they have a funny notion of "hard-hitting," since Strobel's book basically packages the essays of thirteen Christian academics, mostly from theological institutions. That's the sum of his "hard-hitting" research--letting readers be evangelized by believers.

It's not surprising, then, that the product of his work is unconvincing as anything approaching journalism, and that applies equally to the film. If you want an actual investigation into the historical Jesus, read the scholarly, On the Historicity of Jesus: Why We Might Have Reason for Doubt by Richard Carrier. The Kindle version costs about the same as a movie ticket and your intelligence won't be insulted for your trouble.

Reviewed by Jadamwood 3 / 10

The most unscientific evidence you can look for

As a former Christian, I can see how this movie is appealing to the Christian audience because it gives them a victory in their eyes.

From a film-making perspective, it is quite boring, unimaginative, offers little evidence for the "case" for Christ and is simply unconvincing. Of all Christian based films "PUREFLIX" has came up with, this takes the cake for simple boredom and eye twitching nonsense.

Spoilers to follow: It is a case to disprove the Christian faith that backfires into the atheist becoming a Christian. Here is the problem: The only evidence mentioned was there's a lot of copies of the new testament. Witnesses 500+ say they saw Christ after the crucifixion. A medical doctors opinion is that if he were to be treated as stated in the bible that he would definitely die.

All of this information and a music montage at the end of the film changes him to be a full on believer.

Atheists like myself tend to be more scientific and continue asking questions unlike this movie's portrayal of a angry, daddy issues riddled, drinker, bad father who tells his daughter what to think (when he wasn't), as well as a person who accepts minimal circumstantial evidence.

Things not brought up in this movie as an argument against god. The virgin birth Miracles: healing the sick, the blind, bringing dead back to life. Reconciling these supernatural occurrences with reason and science. Other than saving his daughter from an evil noodle at a restaurant, why god does nothing to help the others in suffering. 5000+ children a day who die from starvation, disease, etc.

The movie chocks god up to be a teacher who's only lesson is love and as a human of science, our main character is supposed to accept that given the experiential evidence and the world's evidence of "god is either impotent, evil, or imaginary. Take your pick, and choose wisely."- Sam Harris

The movie in general offers fluff and sad stories to make you bend your knees to a god who is one of those 3. It is a low blow for them to reference famous atheistic philosophers and scientists and say they had daddy wounds which makes it no coincidence that they cannot accept "the Father". One can make the argument that those who have daddy wounds tend to gravitate to Christianity because they didn't have a father to love them.

Anyone who watches this film for evidence or maybe a change of heart, to change their mind about Christianity will fail to find it. Christian's will feel validated and atheists will sitting their laughing. The movie is really biased and portrays anyone who isn't a Christian as a lost soul or has mental issues dealing with loss or parents. It just comes off absurd and ignorant of reality.

Reviewed by mjasoncarswell 1 / 10

Atheist Conversion Propaganda Fail

Sometimes action movies feature a good story with character development. Sometimes an indie film may have a good action sequence. Sometimes a period piece will take your breath away with scenery and romance. This film does none of that. There is no other purpose for this film other than religious propaganda loaded with confirmation bias.

He clearly wasn't/isn't an atheist, much less any sort of investigative reporter into philosophy, theology, or spirituality.

Even if he couldn't read he could still watch legitimate documentaries like "Caesar's Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus (2012)" ( or "The God Who Wasn't There (2005)" ( or the series that started the movement... "Zeitgeist (2007)" (

We've been lied to all our lives by dogmatic institutions - religion, scientism, patriotism, capitalism, and the "need" for hierarchy. You can study Carl Jung, Richard Dawkins, or George Carlin to discover the truth - or just use reason.

The Epicurian Paradox or the "problem of evil" states that God is either: 1) willing but unable to prevent evil - or... 2) unwilling but able to prevent evil - therefore... God is either impotent and not all-powerful or malevolent and doesn't care about children suffering from cancer. So why call him/her/it "God"?

If you are Christian, Jewish, or Muslim, you are already an atheist to all other gods so you only have one more god to omit.

God is a myth.

I wish this movie was.

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