The Centerfold Girls


Action / Thriller

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Aldo Ray as Ed Walker
Mike Mazurki as The Caretaker
Andrew Prine as Clement Dunne
Francine York as Melissa
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tristanb-1 9 / 10

excellent exploitation flick.

Superb exploitation nasty. I loved this one. Real dirty and gritty and fast moving. Well-directed with some nice performances.

Andrew Prine is perfectly cast as a saddle-shoe-wearing nerd who is out to "save" all the calender/pin-up girls he can ("save" as in split their head open with a razor). And he really goes about his business. With his ultra-skinny physique and creepy/quirky demeanor he projects kind of a low-rent Norman Bates quality.

Film has three (or is it four?) different stories, each following a girl that Prine is tracking down. The killing is ruthless and quick and somewhat unsettling. Also unsettling is that the girls bounce from one horrific situation to the other like pinballs (ALL the men in this movie are creeps - and most of the women, too!!!).

If you get a chance, and if exploitation with a sharp-edge is your bag check this one out, you might like it.

Reviewed by adrian_tripod 9 / 10

They don't make 'em like this anymore!

This is the sort of film that has you wishing you could time-travel back to the heyday of the drive-ins to catch it in its ideal environment. Scary, tight lipped Andrew Prine plays a murderous psychopath working his way through a bunch of pretty girls, whose only 'sin' is to have modelled for a sexy calendar. Well-shot, well-acted, but it's the doom-laden mood and oddball structure that makes Centerfold Girls stand out - three stories about three girls linked only through their encounters with the killer, sort of like Pulp Fiction without the self-congratulation. Should be sought after by anyone who likes the darker, stranger drive-in fare of the 70s.

Reviewed by PeterMitchell-506-564364 8 / 10

Nice solid drama, manned by our excellent Prine

I love these seventies movies that are so well made. The Killing Kind and Double Exposure are two that spring to mind here. Why does this film work so well? The fine performance of this excellent actor lead. He is so chilling and it's not just his looks. It's his tone of voice to character too, somewhat like a mislead child in one sense. I guess there's not many people familiar with Prines's work, e.g. Simon King Of The Witches, They're Playing With Fire, but he's an actor who' acts. He's anti pornographic, killing off nude centrefold models of every month, chronologically of course. Cause he's a religious nut, he totally finds this immoral and he's out to punish them. It starts off where he's dumping a body, his trademark after murdering these lovelies, is he plays this creepily ill fitting tune, totally unnerving to the listening viewer I thought. The tune sounds like something out Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls. What's different about this movie and it will come as a bit of annoyance to some people, who might just easily shut it off, is we spend a bit of time with each girl before their demise so we get to know em' a bit. I liked the aspect of that, cause even we may not care much about these girls, you still gotta remember they're human beings. With their screen time, we do tend to care a bit more about em' and in the climax we cheer on the lucky centrefold who outwits this psycho and gives Prine what he truly deserves, and what we've hungrily anticipated.

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