The Chamber



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by imatosser182 4 / 10

Sub sea level/par feminist movement

A steely looking Tom Hanks lookalike lends his expertise and sea craft to a small special ops team on a recovery mission.

We soon realise he is just a proto-main character and he quickly makes way for the female team leader to take charge of the storyline and screen. The mission quickly becomes a fight for survival as she makes one cretinous decision after another.

Eventually she is challenged by her right hand man who is three times her size and has already knocked out a similarly sized character with a single punch. This is no problem for her though as she rips his shoulder out of it's socket then strangles him with her bare hands, but not before delivering some edgy put downs.

In a final twist, her henchman rises from the dead and attacks Tom Hanks who by this time has been reduced to a useless damsel in distress. Not to worry. Our tiny heroine is on hand to save the day and kill him a second time! By this point I got the impression the audience was supposed to be rooting for her, which wasn't easy after her moronic actions had effectively killed everyone on board.

Inevitably, the female is the only survivor and ends up stranded in the middle of the ocean. Couldn't have happened to a better person.

Great if you're still not tired of the slowly dwindling feminist/sjw agenda.

Reviewed by michele fiorentino 7 / 10

I liked

Despite low rating at the time (now is 5.1),I am found of sea-related movies and submarines. I found a well done movie, non banal plot, good recitation and story. I suggest to see this movie to the sea-lover as me. Definitively some discrepancies arise in dialogues, and some stops (boring) happen during some dialogues. So i conclude not a perfect movie, but it tells a story. My thumbs are up

Reviewed by s3276169 7 / 10

Decent deep sea thriller......

The Chamber is a deep sea thriller, that's surprisingly watchable.

The premise is a simple one and in spite of the "confinement" this films premise is built upon, it works quite well. Take a group of US military types on a secret mission, throw in a Swedish submariner and there you have it.

This film is carefully paced and builds the tension well. The other reason it works, is the quality acting and interplay between the cast members.

In short, not an easy film to make well but that's exactly what you have with The Chamber. Seven out of ten from me.

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