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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael Neumann 5 / 10

three classic comedies nearly ruined in retrospect

Three of Charlie Chaplin's classic short features – 'A Dog's Life', 'Shoulder Arms', and 'The Pilgrim' – are packaged here into an essential collection, but with a serious flaw: when he compiled the review in 1958 Chaplin hung a cloud around the silver lining of his own timeless pantomime technique by carelessly 'updating' each selection for contemporary audiences with crude step-printing and indiscriminate music scoring. The tampering severely crippled his comic rhythm, but with a little mental arithmetic it's still possible to laugh loud and long. The weakest of the three films is the enormously popular World War One spoof 'Shoulder Arms', which enlisted the Little Tramp as a cheerleader for the war effort, but the other two are minor masterpieces of comic invention, highlighted by more than one classic, much imitated routine. The pathos that would later enrich Chaplin's later features is all but absent, leaving only pure, unadulterated comedy.

Reviewed by FinnurE 9 / 10

Great films but not ideally represented

The three shorts included on this compilation issued in 1959 are timeless Chaplin classics, nothing wrong with them and nothing to criticize either. Chaplin's score for these films and the framework added as bridging sections between the shorts are also well done. The problem with this compilation is a minor one, yet annoying. The shorts have been stretch-printed to fit the 24 frame p.s. speed of contemporary films whereas the shorts themselves where shot at 20 frames p.s. This results is jerky motion that doesn't look very attractive, and yet this was an excusable solution given the limitations of optical printing technology at the time, it's just not excusable that the current DVD version is unrestored, the films look dirty as they did in 1959 and are still stretch printed. There are separate restored versions of these classics available, even on DVD, and it would not be a problem to restore the image, but alas this has not been done.

A minor quibble has taken up a lot of space in my article, but I say again a minor quibble, it should not detract all that much from the experience although it detracted one point from my rating. The shorts are still worth '10'.

Reviewed by planktonrules 9 / 10

A Great Opportunity to See Three Classic Comedies

Most of Chaplin's most famous films are his full-length features. And, I assume most people have at most seen only a few clips of him from his pre-feature days when he starred in dozens and dozens of comedy shorts. This is really a shame, as some wonderful shorts are pretty much waiting to be discovered by the world in the 21st century.

If someone watches this film they have an excellent chance to see some of Chaplin's better shorts because Chaplin himself chose these three shorts and strung them together with a bit of narration to make this 1959 feature film. This is great for several reasons. First, in Chaplin's earliest films from 1914-1915, his character of the Little Tramp is still in its earliest incarnations or is absent altogether. Plus, even when he is there, he was often mean-spirited and self-centered--something very alien from the Little Tramp we have grown to love. Second, because the shorts that were chosen were in great condition, if you watch this film you won't need to worry about watching scratchy film with gaps and lousy musical accompaniment that doesn't fit the action (a common problem).

So, for a great look at Chaplin's shorts at their finest, give this film a chance. It's sure to provide you some excellent laughs.

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