The Christmas Candle


Action / Drama / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 18%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 76%
IMDb Rating 6 10 1112


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Lesley Manville as Bea Haddington
John Hannah as William Barstow
Samantha Barks as Emily Barstow
Sylvester McCoy as Edward Haddington
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bada-Bing Bada-Boom 10 / 10

Beautifully inspiring holiday film with quality acting, filming, music and plot!

This movie is a must-see heart-warming quality movie this holiday. It tells of an old English village's tradition and how vibrant hope becomes contagious, as doubts are addressed and worked out. In effect, the community learns to look outside their problems, embrace community, and renew hope. This movie features Susan Boyle's delicate and angelic voice, and despite her green acting, it was a sweet touch.

It's cruel for reviewers to rate this movie so low as this IS a great film. Yes it may be a "cutesie" Christmas movie, but defiantly not cheesy! Perhaps the content is the primary offense for those rating anything below a 5. I imagine the criteria for anything lower than a 5 would be spotty acting, horrible editing, music and a pathetic, non- entertaining plot.

Everything from the lighting, screen writing and flow is solid. I suggest seeing this movie for yourself. No doubt placing first time actors on the screen can alter its ratings, but I don't see how some justify their "1/10" or even "4/10" ratings. Although it doesn't have a complete 3-D sensory overload, ground-breaking techniques or Oscar-winning performances by all cast, it is great movie.

I appreciate that Hans Matheson and Samantha Barks characters flesh out deep pains, and express their doubts. There are beautiful twists in the movie, and despite the "religious" message, hope itself is a breath of fresh air. So, just for the sheer psychological, emotional and mental benefits this is a great movie to see during this season (studies prove that even the idea of hope itself can promote healing and happiness

I've rated this movie at a 10, as despite it being a niche, genre holiday movie, it contains all aspects needed to entertain, encourage and inspire viewers with the "Christmas spirit". This is a kid-friendly movie and good traditional movie, that I hope becomes a classic. It disappoints me that viewers critiques is so low, therefore I rated this the highest possible as there must be a true balance to all those posting "1/10". I encourage you to see the Christmas Candle to judge for yourself.

Reviewed by vontrappfan 10 / 10

Excellent Christmas Movie!!

What a delightful story to come out in the theaters! This stunning movie contains a stellar cast, a charming English village, and a heart- warming story of faith in the face of difficulty.

Based on the Max Lucado book by the same name, this movie portrays a message of hope and endurance, and of answered prayers for miracles. Much like the film, "It's a Wonderful Life", The Christmas Candle is destined to be a classic family Christmas film that brings to mind the true meaning of the Christmas season.

The acting is wonderful, though Susan Boyle is perhaps a bit more amateur in comparison to the rest, and the costumes are stunning! Bustle gowns made of velvets, brocades, and tweeds look lovely against the English countryside.

And the ending of the film is a true "happy ending" Christmas story. I highly recommend this movie!

Reviewed by CometDarner 10 / 10

A Fresh Breath of Christmas Air!

If you like inspiring, hope-filled Christmas movies, then you'll definitely want to see "The Christmas Candle." I was pleasantly surprised at how well the movie was made. It would definitely hold up to any mainstream movie in its genre. The acting was great overall, the costumes were beautiful and it was easy to get drawn into the story. I also really like how they introduced Susan Boyle's character. The characters in the movie deal with real, relatable hardships and disappointments as they all secretly hope for a Christmas miracle. This movie celebrates communities coming together, faith and the true meaning of Christmas. It leaves you with the warm, uplifted feeling you hope to have after watching a Christmas movie.

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