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Buster Keaton as Assistant Chef
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Reviewed by chucksalty 9 / 10

Hilarious early two-reeler with Keaton and Arbuckle

I was amazed at the effortlessness and grace of this "lost and found" Fatty Arbuckle-Buster Keaton comedy. The first reel is particularly hilarious, with Fatty cooking and juggling his utensils, "flipping a flap" onto waiter Buster's plate. A less inhibited Buster also provides a spontaneous, exotic dance. And, as usual, Arbuckle's nephew, Al St. John, heartily contributes to the anarchy.

One get the sense that these three men (along with Luke the dog) had the time of their lives designing such memorable slapstick!

This treat ranks alongside "The Garage" has one of the best Keaton-Arbuckle shorts!

Reviewed by janek303 10 / 10

In Every Way A Masterpiece In The Art Of Slapstick

This is one movie I never will forget. It scores a 10 in all departments: Choreography (unbelievable !), Pacing (Fast and Accurate), Weird (the rendition of "salome" with kitchen stuff as costume, coming out of nowhere, is by far the most decadent stuff to be ever put on a Silent Movie - I mean: Fatty Arbuckle is Genius !) I would have wanted to roll on the floor laughing but it was not possible, because I couldn't get my eyes off the screen, I was THAT amazed by the furious things Buster and Fatty are doing all the time. The humor is outstanding. This Masterpiece was long time vanished, but for god's sake found again. It was the first movie I saw from Fatty, so after that I was a huge fan of him. And Buster - never saw a guy who was more fitting in Slapstick. This Movie is one hell of a ride - GO SEE IT !!!!!

Reviewed by ([email protected]) 8 / 10

Once believed lost, very funny short has emerged

Long believed lost, an extended fragment of "The Cook" has been found, and it confirms how graceful Fatty could be, this time slaving over a hot stove and casually throwing prepared items to an equally blase Buster. Though the film closes at a pier-based amusement park, the kitchen antics are best, with the highlight being two dance pieces--Fatty's tribute to Salome (with salami) and Buster's hilarious rug-cutting with a belly dancer. The vicious (but not malicious) dog is good, too.

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