The Craft


Action / Drama / Fantasy / Horror / Thriller


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Christine Taylor as Laura Lizzie
Fairuza Balk as Nancy Downs
Robin Tunney as Sarah Bailey
Neve Campbell as Bonnie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cygnus x-1 7 / 10

solid but disjointed.

this movie could have easily been closer to an 8 or 9 with a little more attention to the script. the movie, while enjoyable and well made, has a weird disjointed structure that takes away from the all around excellent performances.

of particular note is the stunning performance by Fairuza Balk. she has to have the most hypnotyzing eyes of any actress i've ever seen. i really hope a femme fatalle role is in her future. in addition to having a unique look, she has the ability to get REALLY over the top in the evil category. neve campbell and robin tunney, with ms. tunney being exceptionally beautiful, each deliver solid performances as well.

the movie kicks into special effects overdrive at the end and it doesn't completely fit with the feel and tone with the rest of the movie.

overrall, though i enjoyed it and i recommend it to anyone looking for a above average witch flick.


Reviewed by MadBadMovieman 8 / 10

A Suspenseful and Creepy Movie

Not a really new story about Witch Craft among girl friends but enough twists and surprizes and effects to rise above most. Very well done by all Especially Robin and Fairuza. Very Good effects. Good vs. Evil conflict really kept you in the movie. Great to see in a theater or on a big screen.

Reviewed by thefan-2 8 / 10

A good fantasy movie that capitalizes on the neopaganism boom.

One of the complaints brought against this movie by practicing wiccans is that it gives the false impression that wiccans engage in "bad" magic -- putting curses and spells on one's enemies. I would like to remind any peeved wiccans who might read this that the biggest lie this movie tells about them isn't that they cast spells, but that their spells actually work.

But that's the very lie we expect fantasy films to tell us. We demand it, in fact. This one, at least, does a very nice job of conveying the longing for power that motivates some to practice wicca and other forms of "magick." It's also fun and entertaining, and lovely to look at in places. The famous butterfly scene, in particular, will take your breath away. Over-all, this was a much better movie than it's been given credit for being.

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