The Cure


Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Luke Hawker as Richard
Daniel Lissing as Ryan Earl
Ben Fransham as ER Doctor
Antonia Prebble as Beth Wakefield
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Quotius 3 / 10

A brief review

Okay, there's a number of reviews here already ranging from horrible to mediocre. They really should be sufficient to give you the right idea. But on the off chance they don't...

I started watching The Cure with the best intentions as I'd read no reviews. I figured it'd be in the same vein as Contagion or REC. This is not that film.

Go ahead and watch if you wish. Ignore the warnings presented to you. In a digital era there's little harm in giving something 15 minutes. But! If after 15 minutes the alarms in your mind have yet to ring out "Hmmm this is a bit rubbish" maybe you'll be able to manage the rest of the movie and be amongst those who'd rate this a 5.

Reviewed by vjladj 3 / 10

The budget isn't even the biggest problem

Sometimes I see movies, where at the end i'm like..This could have been great with a bigger budget. This isn't that kind of film. The story starts to get very unrealistic way too soon. The characters make way too many stupid choices. So I just kept thinking "Why!!!??!!"

Then there's the annoying looking in the camera. I love it when Kevin Spacey does it, but here they do it when talking to another character. Which is quite distracting and keeps you from really getting into the movie.

O yeah and then there's the sound editing. It seems that someone sometimes accidentally hit the off switch while mid-scene. Really quite confusing

Reviewed by imdb-994-122202 1 / 10

Worst movie ever!

Ironically, this movie was so bad that it gave me cancer.... I mean seriously, where do I start? Should I tell something about the terrible acting? Or about the fact that huge explosions went unnoticed by characters in the movie? Perhaps I should tell you something about lack of consistency?

Now I can hear you thinking: perhaps I should watch this movie... Don't!

Perhaps you're thinking: This movie is so terrible that I should watch it for fun... Don't!

Can I get a refund?

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