The Curse of the Komodo


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 24%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 3 / 10

So Lame, Illogical and Trash that Becomes Funny

In the Isla Damas, a group of soldiers lands on the island and are attacked and murdered by a Komodo dragon. Two men, Hanson (Ted Monte) and Jason (J.P.Davis), leave a building surrounded by an electric fence to seek out survivors. They run back to the building and a woman, Rebecca "Becky" (Glori-Anne Gilbert), who is the daughter of the scientist. Nathan Phipps (William Langlois) deactivates the fence. Phipps and his assistant Dawn Porter (Gail Harris) contact the Chief of a Naval Base at Hawaii, Foster (Jay Richardson), to discuss the dragons that are genetically-engineered by them to produce food that have turned into war machines by Foster. Meanwhile, a casino is robbed in Hawaii by the thieves Drake (Paul Logan), Tiffany (Melissa Brasselle), and Reece (Cam Newlin) that flee to Damas using the pilot of helicopter Jack (Tim Abell). Soon they meet Phipps and Dawn shooting at a Komodo dragon and they learn that they need to team-up with the scientists to survive. Further, the contact with a Komodo turns the person onto a zombie. However the fuel of the generator is finishing and Foster does not have the intention of rescuing the group that knows too much about his project Catalyst. How will they survive from the dragons?

"The Curse of the Komodo" is one of those movies so lame, illogical and trash that becomes funny. The plot is absurd and stupid. Why the soldiers have come to the island? If fuel is primordial to keep the protection against the dangerous creatures, why there is not enough fuel and a backup generator? If bullets do not affect the dragons, why the group insists in shooting at the Komodo? In addition the ham acting is hilarious inclusive with the participation of soft-porn actress. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): "Criaturas" ("Creatures")

Reviewed by jasoninkuwait 1 / 10

I want my 92 minutes back!

Absolutely the worst plot – OK, maybe tied with Solarbabies as the worst plot ever.

So let's get this straight. You're a genetic scientist, you get your secret governmental funding from some upstart Navy commander who pays for your project out of petty cash and that empty coffee can next to the bottled water, you create giant carnivores to feed the world, left your daughter trapped on a deserted island with afore mention beasts for a meeting that you could have used your 1920's era two way radio for, power the "electric fence" and your only defense with a Honda generator the size of a shoebox, just happen to keep extra guns and explosives in that old shack a few miles away, know how to assembly any weapon but cant hit the broad side of a barn, just happen to keep some grain alcohol on hand for those downtrodden commando helicopter pilots that stop by for brunch, and cant wait to sacrifice yourself to save the love of your life.

Right…… It all becomes so clear now. You just want yourself and everyone you know to die and get off this movie.

Reviewed by please_save_yuri 1 / 10

It's an hour and a half of your life you'll never get back...

If there are movies that end careers, this would be one of them. The only highlight of this movie consisted of the end credits - not because they were good, but because they marked the end of the movie.

The acting is bad, the characters are shallow and boring, and the monsters are laughable. The story centers around a giant komodo dragon which goes on an eating spree. If this weren't bad enough, the komodo dragon's saliva seems to turn those it touches into zombies! One of the problems is that there's only 1 komodo dragon and 2 zombies, and none of them are given much in the way of screen time. In other words, the majority of the movie is dialogue-based. This wouldn't have been a huge drawback if the dialogue hadn't been so bad. There were times I found myself tidying the room to pass the time, waiting for something interesting to happen. And when something did happen, it hardly warranted my attention.

At least the people on the island had what appeared to be unlimited ammunition and a small whiskey flask that never went empty....

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