The Devil's Rejects


Action / Crime / Drama / Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Rhad Davis (INCESSANT) 10 / 10

Zombie gets it right!

I went to this movie having seen 1000 Corpses which I thought was a great retro B style horror in the Texas Chainsaw massacre genre.

This movie FAR exceeded any expectation I had. Zombie NAILED it in this one. Classic Freeze frames, awesome soundtrack(used with purpose)-Just enough gore with out going over the top.. the essential random nudity shots that we B fans have come to expect. Suspenseful through-out.

I realize that what makes all of these components work:

A- This movie (Unlike 99% of all B Horros) is not predictable. You do not know what is going to happen next.

B- Zombie builds characters. You learn history and connections, and see things from their view.

C- Slight comedic aspect added.


in the words of my horror loving awe-struck friend "This is hands down the best B horror I have ever seen!"

Reviewed by slikrx 7 / 10

A solid movie NOT FOR EVERYONE!!! (but great if you like this stuff)

I went into a screening of this movie completely blind. I hadn't seen 1000 Deaths, and I haven't even seen any of Rob Zombie's videos. (I do like his music,BTW) I had essentially no idea what to expect.This movie is what "Natural Born Killers" *TRIED* to be. It's "Kill Bill" without the nod and wink that this is campy/funny. This movie is intense, violent, gory, gritty, harsh chilling and creepy. The only movie/scene that can compare the intensity to is "Saving Private Ryan", particularly the scene where Mellish is slowly stabbed by a German near the end of "Ryan". This movie can/will take your breath away.

That being said, if you like this sort of thing, the movie is VERY well written, directed and acted. The casting was beautiful. Captain Spaulding, Otis, Lady Firefly are brilliant. Others were also great.

I saw this at a private screening with a Q&A with Rob Zombie afterward. The audience experience was odd. Sometimes there would be cheers, only to have them choked off by the next few seconds. This movie kept you on the edge of your seat. There were moments of funniness, and well done comic bits, but this is NOT a comedy.

During the Q&A, a gentleman (who said he liked 1000 corpses) described the movie as "the worst, most violent depraved movie I have ever seen. It glorifies violence..." This comment received some cheers. Rob replied VERY professionally (quote/paraphrase) " I think you might have had the perfect response. ...if you want truly depraved, see Cannibal Holocaust or Man Bites Dog... this movies does not glorify the violence, it shows how ugly and nasty it is... I don't want people to cheer the bad guys..."

Bottom line? This movie makes you uncomfortable. It is absolutely, positively NOT FOR EVERYONE!!! It takes a long, hard, ugly look at the exploits of some truly horrible human beings and their affect on their surroundings. It was also done extremely well. If you like this genre, it gets a solid 9. However, due to its general limited appeal, I have to drop it to a 7 overall.

Reviewed by fireheart412 10 / 10

Perfect 70's Style Killing Spree!

I had the pleasure of previewing this movie a few days before its official release. While I enjoyed "House of 1,000 Corpses" I think this follow-up sequel was far better. "House of 1,000 Corpses" was more like a carnival freak show with supernatural and unbelievable scenarios, whereas "The Devil's Rejects" was quite realistic and very brutal.

This film is in the vein of "Helter Skelter", and 'Otis' pays homage to Charles Manson, even hauntingly resembling him. "The Devil's Rejects" is full of bloody carnage, perversion, filthiness, vulgarity, and the characters are sadistic and relentless serial killers. It is not for the feint of heart or the squeamish. There are some clever and quite humorous lines in the movie, along with some very disturbing ones as well. Sherri Moon Zombie gives a stellar performance as 'Baby' that is quite unforgettable. It was great to see P.J. Soles (Halloween) in this film, still looking beautiful as ever. Leslie Easterland, 'Mama Firefly', really gives an excellent performance as the perverted and disgusting mother of the clan. All of the actors did an amazing job in this movie and were very convincing as their characters.

The cinematography of this film was really brilliant, and uses the 'swipe' and 'freeze-frame' methods, sometimes resembling a comic book adventure. The music was classic seventies rock, and fits well with the road trip theme. The gore was spectacular and realistic, and sometimes even disgusted me at times, which is hard to accomplish. I gave this movie a "10 out of 10" because it is full of spectacular, clever, and gruesome horror-movie fun! It contains scenes which seriously make the viewer cringe and feel sympathy for the victims, while hating the serial killers. I've never felt so much hatred and disgust towards the villains as I did during this film, and that goes to show you how convincing this movie really is! If you like Rob Zombie, seventies slashers, and a good horror movie plot, with edge of your seat/nail-biting scenes, then this is the movie for you! Check it out, its jaw-droppingly great!

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