The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them


Action / Drama

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Jessica Chastain as Eleanor Rigby
James McAvoy as Conor Ludlow
Bill Hader as Stuart
Viola Davis as Professor Friedman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Brynja Gurl 1 / 10

Lack lustre movie and it's the 3rd one!!!

I have just finished watching this movie, and prior to that, the first two that are basically identical, though one from his perspective and the other from her's. The problem I found is that even the first 2 movies (Titles "The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Him (2013)" and "The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Her (2013)" had too many scenes that aside from the odd word were identical. To then watch this movie, I could find nothing that I had not already seen in the previous 2 movies. In fact, I have to say that 2 of the 3 movies were superfluous with nothing snappy, or fresh...I felt like I watched a very long drawn out movie that only held my attention because of the hype I'd read by previous reviewers here (who should be banned for saying how artistically it was done. Copying something is not artistic. Basically one horrid and boring movie stamped into 3 movies, though from the producers perspective they got to use many of the same film parts, so the cost of production would have been low - 3 for the price of one. As for the acting - below par, even for Eleanor's father played by William Hurt - yes they were all supposedly dysfunctional with a fairly high lacking of communication skills on both sides of the families with each and every character, but they almost all acted as if they were in a severe state of depression - the sister (a blond Jess Weixler) who was supposed to be only 2 yrs younger than Eleanor (Jessica Chastain) (but looks at least 10) was the only one to have any life in her, though she is pretty much a side character so didn't and couldn't have lifted the movie. Yes I get it was supposed to be sad - dead child (which they never in all 3 movies went into detail so we never even found out how the child died at age 2 yrs I think he was - not a single flashback of the child only the 2 main characters)= marriage breakup = angst for everybody +++ (just like in real life for many, so really what was new about this movie, or rather what made it worth watching - I can say for myself it just wasn't worth watching, and that is rare for me to say.

Reviewed by mrturk182 5 / 10

A Great Approach and Objective, with a Sloppy Execution

Yesterday, I went to see The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby for a pre-release screening by Louisiana International Film Festival. As the directorial debut for Ned Benson, this movie stars James McAvoy and Jessica Chastain as a young married couple that eventually crumbles. It is a combination of three short films: Him, told from the perspective of James McAvoy's character, Connor, Her, told from the perspective of Jessica Chastain's character, Eleanor, and Them, which features their relationship.

Truth be told, I wanted to like this movie a lot more. Some of the parts were very intriguing, and then some other parts were like watching paint dry. The romantic scenes with both of them together were the most interesting and fascinating. Their chemistry together was great, and their connection was felt and natural. With the two separate perspectives, however, I was drifting in and out. At one point, I even dozed off. Both perspectives were unbalanced, as I felt like there were more parts with Eleanor than there were with Connor. Or at least, I got more out of Eleanor than Connor. From Connor's side, it was a decent tale, but there wasn't a lot of his story coming out, and it wasn't very exciting or interesting, even with the addition of Stuart (Bill Hader). Eleanor's side was a lot more dominant, and it was a mixed bag. It provided more interest, thanks to the subplot with Eleanor and her sister Katy (Jess Weixler). At the same time, some of that was repelling. The actions and behaviors that I got came across as redundant, childish and stand-offish. In other words, the subplot has a yin and a yang.

The approach that Ned Benson took was very original and rare. He built a full-length story out of three short films that all tie in together. It's a very inventive approach, and someday, there's going to be a filmmaker out there that gets it 100% right. Sadly, for The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, the narrative structure felt disoriented. As a whole, the movie was lost in translation. The objective was understandable, which was to showcase how they fell in love and where the marriage fell apart, but it was tough to interpret that from beginning to end. Pulp Fiction is one of many examples that pull off a great movie with a non-linear narrative. This movie was nowhere near that level, but it did a good job in its efforts. Also, there were more things that I felt needed to be elaborated on. The story was lacking a lot of things that would've carried out the premise successfully. Instead, it only felt somewhat unfulfilled.

If I can separate those short films and judge them by themselves, they would've been very successful. They are very genuine stories, they had some almost superb acting performances, and their intentions were very smart. In my personal opinion, taking these three short films and merging them to create a 2-hour movie resulted in a jumbled narrative. The objective of the story got lost in the shuffle, the plan went halfway, or maybe too many ways, and in the end, there was some emptiness left inside. Not just for our two lead characters, but also for the viewer that went in with high expectations. Perhaps, they needed to be combined in order to tell the same story, but it would've been better off as a side-by-side collection of short films, or at least it should've been given a better structure. Yet, this was the movie that I ended up getting, which was OK overall, but I expected more. Eh, it happens.

Score: 50/100

Reviewed by Olivia Brumei 7 / 10

TDER: Him, Her, Them!

So yes, I watched all the three movies before making any judgement. I only did it because I saw some comments on the movie (Them) saying that it was messy and then someone saying that it was best to watch the three to better understand. I started with Him, followed to Her version and ended with Them for chronological reasons. Some people say that Her is a better version, but I decided to stick to time factor and follow the directors way.

So is it worth it? *Really trying not to say any spoilers so I don't ruin it for you* Him really gets the guy perspective of everything that is happening around and we see only his version of events, his feelings everything about him. By now we don't really know what's happening and it seems just like a story about a break up.

With Her we get the girls version and here is were we really comprehend the trigger point. I love how they explore differences between the moments that we seem them together. I think it's pretty amazing because every time we put two people talking about things from their past, even though they lived it together, each of them always seems to have differences in their memories, so it's quite amazing to see it (a first time for me) in a movie.

Them it's the putting together of these two people. I confess I was a bit disappointed with this last version. I expected a little more after the first two movies and certainly a putting together of the pieces. Even though it still manage to surprise us with small differences of what we already seen. I guess after the first two I got my expectations high, but maybe it was too much. I tried watching it as I hadn't seen the other two and it was surprising how, even it seemed confusing at the beginning without seeing Him and/or Her, in the middle we get to understand things without they being showed to us.

The end was not absolutely what I was expecting. Here too I was expecting more. But somehow it managed to still conquer me. I guess on this part the soundtrack really gives an amazing help.

So yes, it's worth watching the three otherwise there are some little pieces that connect us to the story that you will lose. My advice: watch Him and Her and later watch Them. The soundtrack connects very well with the dynamic of the movie. This is a "dramance" and it's about love and lost so you can't expect much action or fairy tale ending. It's real life pouring on! Jessica Chastain and James Mcavoy perform it very well and what we have here is original cinema. Hope I've been helpful without spoiling.

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