The Disappearance of Lenka Wood


Action / Crime

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Adam Kessler 1 / 10

Terrible in ways that would make Ed Wood proud

I don't think I have the words in my vocabulary to convey how terrible this movie is. Stilted, overwrought, contrived -- even these words fall short of describing the amateurish drivel that is the screenplay for The Disappearance of Lenka Wood.

Maybe it's best to let the film speak for itself. Here is an excerpt from the second act:

Army Guy: Next time, I'll cut your leg open. Then you'll have three wounds, and only two hands. You get to choose which one stays open.

Corrupt Cop: please, ill tell you where she's being kept

Army Guy: write it down for me

Corrupt Cop: I don't have a pen!

Army Guy: You can use your own blood!

Reviewed by feel-1 2 / 10

Nothing to see here, really nothing to see

I didn't expect much from this film and unfortunately I was right in doing do.

The story is quite poor which makes it very easy to figure out the connection between the characters and therefore most of the plot/twist long before it is revealed.

The stereotyping is just appalling, almost about as bad as in the movie Midnight Express that was mentioned in the movie; the Turkish "bad-guys" were either pictured as steroid eating muscle bulging mountains or sly and cowardice rats.

I can't really go into the moral issue of the story without ruining the (attempt of a) plot, but I can say that it didn't make up for all the other awful aspects of the movie.

As a final remark, Mark O'Neal is about as good an actor as an average couch potato sports fan is at being one of the elite athlete he/she's watching. Just awful to watch.

Reviewed by Caderrousse 1 / 10

Worse than expected

I expected this to be a poor movie, but it was worse than poor. According to IMDb the budget was $1.5 million but if that's the case, $1.49 million was spent on catering I think. A few things without giving away the movie to clue you in.

1 - There are guys carrying assault rifles, but they have shotgun shells around their waist.

2 - There is a rich woman with bodyguards and a chauffeur. She is being driven around in her ultra high-end $17k Hyundai Elantra.

3 - Think of the worst karaoke singer you have ever heard in your life. Well, the best actor in this move has less acting skills than that person did singing.

I must admit, I was not able to make I through the movie, it was just too terrible.

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