The Edge


Action / Adventure / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 60%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 70%
IMDb Rating 6.9 10 59311


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Anthony Hopkins as Charles Morse
Alec Baldwin as Robert Green
Harold Perrineau as Stephen
Elle Macpherson as Mickey Morse
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 9 / 10

In A Word: Intense

Boy, here's an intense film, a survival-in-the-wilderness adventure/thriller starring the unlikely duo of Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin. It's not hard to guess who's the villain, in addition to a man-eating bear who stalks the two of them after their plane crashes in the woods of Alaska.

The sophistication of Hopkins, playing an extremely smart man, battling the crude Baldwin, who is insanely jealous of Hopkins' possessions, including his gorgeous wife (Elle McPherson), is intriguing to watch. So is the great scenery and best-of-all, a great action story that has you focused intently for the full two hours.

A human characteristic so often ignored in films the past half century is put on display here: compassionate forgiveness. Seeing forgiveness demonstrated instead of revenge is almost shocking to see. Kudos to the filmmakers, too, for not going overboard on the brutality in this adventure.

Reviewed by Willie-12 8 / 10

one of the best of 1997

The Edge is a powerful motion picture that satisfies in every way. First of all, it delivers as an action/adventure film (which is what it is) by giving the audience some heart stopping sequences, and it never slows down. The Edge also delivers as a dramatic film, with an ending that is painfully sad, yet satisfying. This is one fine movie, and the performances by Hopkins (one of my favorite actors today) and Baldwin are superb. They portray their characters with an honesty, and with a realistic nature that only great actors can accomplish. As the plot twists and the pace picks up, you start to become so involved that you forget time is passing by. I strongly suggest this one to action lovers and to anyone who enjoys a good story.

Reviewed by Gerald Talandis Jr. ( 7 / 10

Thumbs Up for "The Edge"

Anthony Hopkins is one of my favorite actors, so I had to see this film. Sure enough, I wasn't disappointed. Although the film got mixed reviews (and I could understand why, in a way), I was able to enjoy the experience of watching it. The cinematography was stunning. For that alone I recommend this film. The set-up was good, and the tension between the two main characters kept things lively.

Most of all, however, I love this type of story- out in the elements, man vs. nature, survival, etc. I like seeing what happens when people are put in a situation where they discover the value of life. By slaying the bear (symbolic of one's greatest fears in life), the Hopkins character found his true heart. I was moved by the transformation he underwent, and the compassion he showed to those who had it in for him. I identified with this; I hoped that I could be as magnanamous. I also thought about what the "bear" was in my life, and if I would have the courage to face it and do battle.

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