The Emperor's New Groove


Action / Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family / Fantasy

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John Goodman as Pacha
Patrick Warburton as Kronk, Yzma's Sidekick
David Spade as Emperor Kuzco / Narrator
Eartha Kitt as Yzma
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Boba_Fett1138 9 / 10

Fun with llamas!

"The Emperor's New Groove" is a rare hilarious Disney movie.

It's very different from any other Disney movie so this movie might also be very watchable to you Disney haters out there. The movie pace is incredibly high and the music by John Debney and Sting are a real surprise. The movie really is a non-stop hilarious comedy with some unique humor. Also the style, both visual and story-wise is different from any other previous Disney movie, which in this case is a positive thing.

The characters are great. Kuzco and Pacha are a perfect team. Yzma is a remarkable villain and her sidekick Kronk is hilarious. Yep, Laughs are guaranteed in this very hip and hilarious movie!

The story really is of no importance and most of it never makes sense but that's also why this movie is both unique and hilarious to watch over and over again.

Highly recommendable to everyone!


Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 9 / 10

"Bring it on."

You've often heard the sales pitch, "adults will love it, too!" almost always referring to a kids' movie and in particularly, an animated movie for children. Well, in this case I agree. Even as a middle-aged adult, I enjoyed this.

The dialog is adult-friendly but at the same time not coarse or crude with no sexual innuendos, no profanity or even a hint of it. Yet, it's hip with some very clever lines.

The story is interesting and offers a few unique twists. David Spade does a fabulous job narrating, has a very pleasing voice, one that's fun to hear. I actually do think adults would like this more than children.

Reviewed by udeaasykle ([email protected]) 10 / 10

I absolutely love this movie!

How great is this? A movie about a talking lama. I absolutely love this movie, from beginning to end. I don't know how many times I have watched this movie, but I am guessing in the over 10 area. This is the only movie that I find funnier dubbed in Norwegian than in the original language. It is absolutely hilarious, I don't care what age you are. Although I think adults understands more of the jokes in the movie, but that doesn't mean that kids won't find it funny. The movie is a story of betrayal, friendship, love and lots and lots of humour. It doesn't seem like I can ever get tired of this movie. Why? Because it is absolutely fantastic! I am 24 years old, so there aren't any age boundaries here. I rate this movie 10/10

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