The Encounter: Paradise Lost


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 73%
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Gary Daniels as Charlie Doles
David A.R. White as Rik Caperna
Sahajak Boonthanakit as Joseph Weinholt
Robert Miano as Bruno Mingarelli
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thaigirlgod 8 / 10

Paradise Lost and Found

I just watched Paradise Lost and, I admit, I cried a few times. I liked it just as much as the first (maybe even a bit more). The conclusion was a lot better than the first. I know that the characters were different from the norm of what you'd see at an American cafe, but each character represented the experiences of multitudes of people around the world: empty and addicted to drugs, believing that...pain is an illusion/that through thousands of lifetimes, one can get redeemed, selling drugs to get rich, sold into sexual slavery, full of bitterness, sadness and despair/losing one's faith due to loss of a child or loved one, etc. Good to see David A.R. White playing the role of the police officer in Thailand. That Jason Statham-esque scene was well-coordinated by the way!

Reviewed by lagudafuad 3 / 10

this is not half as good as the first

The first Encounter done two years before this one had something that I liked which was, one of the characters gets to challenge God with some really mind bogging question that many of us today would really like to ask, the question was "if God is love, then why did he order a genocide, by telling the Israelites to kill all living thing in Canaan?" This second Encounter mind bogging question was, "If it pains God so much to see innocent children die; why does he not stop it?"

Like in the first the mind bogging question was answered not with skill of words but by saying the truth according to the scripture.

The Encounter: Paradise Lost has the same bad cinematography as the first and a longer wait time till we see Jesus. I don't think this movie is anywhere as good as the first because it lacks the innocent adventure that the first movie possesses.

Wrapped around the tsunami that hit Thailand in 2004, this movie's weak script and less impressive acting made it hard for me to keep awake while watching; I thought the cinematography in the first was bad, well because the first was shot in a confined area I didn't get to see a full dosage of what the cinematographer could dish out, well due to the success of the first movie the makers used more scenery and lot more cast and all we have is a washed up story that at the end I learnt nothing.

The movie plot is broader than that of the first, it goes on for like 38 minutes before we get to the Jesus character, when we do see him he is again in an enclosed area with people this time there are 6. A couple who just lost a son, a drug dealer, his henchman, the drug dealer's wife and a police officer chasing down the drug dealer.

The character Jesus comes into play and tries to save everybody, but like the first movie not everybody got saved and death which resulted from not following Christ also came to play in this film.

The acting was more a mediocre than the one in the first, the movie lacked of good actors and the man who played Jesus (Bruce Marchiano) was like a king among slaves when the acting is considered. This movie is what makes many people stay away from independent films, badly produced, story line is weak and the movie itself is just boring with a capital B.

Many great producers came about from making independent films, but this producer needs to go back to the drawing board and give us a better story. I wish I could un-watch this movie.

Reviewed by jinx_malone 10 / 10

I'm obsessed with

Christian films. They're so wretched that they've become a guilty pleasure for me, which is why this gets a ten. I have this awful tendency to hand out tens to movies which are so bad they cross the line into total awesome. It's a problem and I should try to stop, but I'm not there just yet.

Over time and many, many terrible, pretentious films, I've learned that David A.R. White is the cream of the crop when it comes to the bizarro world of Xtian filmmaking. He also bears an uncanny resemblance to a very good friend of mine, but why should you care about that? I know you don't, I'm rambling. Anyhow.

I saw the first 'Encounter' when digging through instantwatcher's Faith and Spirituality section looking for documentaries and soon after that I was hunting down these things like a junkie looks for a fix.

The sanctimony drips from the screen, the awful dialogue sometimes ripped directly from the Bible so as not to offend the faithful, the preachy nonsense--all of that's on display here. It's sort of like watching a Jack Chick tract come to life, and in my opinion there's absolutely nothing bad about that. All these films lack are cartoon devils yelling HAW HAW HAW at the folks unlucky enough to burn in never ending hellfire.

If you want to watch something so terrible that it might make you giggle, check out the wild and wooly world of Xtian film. Watch this movie! It's exciting, it's ridiculous, it MIGHT EVEN SAVE YOUR SOUL.

But watch out for the characters named Deville! And no, I'm not making that up.

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