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Action / Crime / Thriller

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Laura Vandervoort as Hailey Jones
Ray Liotta as Richard Nader
Devon Bostick as Dean Taylor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dusan-22 7 / 10

100% better than expected!

That was a pretty decent movie. What makes it decent is a combination of usual Hollywood film that brings you the amusement by the amount of shock applied and good old drama school. The shocking atmosphere is mostly preserved by certain amount of brutality and twist. As for drama, I really loved the way the director used the theater stage in the house were fathers were gathered to imply tension and very involving plot development. Balanced and interacted with the core plot in the movie, it made a very watchable feature film. Also, the movie does not bring the usual American picture of good and bad guys, but leaving you think about that yourself. It might be just my impression, but I think that the senior actors were better than junior. I do not say that the young actors were bad, just acting of the fathers was more superb!

Reviewed by scoup 7 / 10

Well done!

Entitled takes your basic movie kidnapping ransom plot and freshens it up through good acting, plot twists and accessibility.

Excellent casting. Each actor felt natural in their part and with some restraint to avoid overacting they gel nicely. The first character death is almost welcome due to the annoyance of his behavior.

Here's the best part of the movie: As the plot moves along and the viewer watches with anticipation of the stereotypical progression, we are happily dealt nice little twists. No twist is over the top or pushing the limits of belief. A subtle film noir feel is mixed with an everyman identification.

I'd like to see another movie like this one...

Reviewed by andreaskarlsson185 6 / 10


After seeing the trailer I was super stoked, the trailer was so dark and it looked like it was going to be an amazing movie. The movie started off in a little bit of confusion for me, wasn't in chronological at all, which in some movies add suspense and mystery, however it mostly made me confused. Further on in movie I felt that a classic story like this, the poor jealous against the rich cocky people, but yet with a little twist. The story in my mind could have made this movie one of the best this year but yet they came up pretty short.

For the acting, I was extremely surprised about the performance of the former 'gossip girl'-actor Keven Zegers, he was the one thing that kept the movie good. He was perfect for the role as the dark yet intelligent conspirator. As for the others I do feel that some of them had an adequate performance but a lot of the times the dialogues seemed strained. Laura Vandervoort was obviously in it only to play the spoiled, helpless beauty, which was done okay.

To sum it up, it was an enjoyable movie, definitely watchable for a regular night but don't expect anything close to 'the movie of the year' or month for that matter. But I still give it 6, much due to the fundamental story, smartness and yet again surprisingly convincing acting from Zegers.

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