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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cyllan 1 / 10

what a joke

evil tea party leader and republican governor of Texas creates a virus attached to cocaine that makes people cannibals we have a pseudo "cabin in the woods" b- movie with teenagers eating each other .....

yeah that is it.....thank god i didn't pay for the movie....

this piece of trash will stop at nothing to smear conservatives....this isn't worth any stars and the producers should be sued for lying to the public in such a way nothing much happens in 1.5 go to a lake ....take cocaine and become cannibals for 24h meanwhile the tea party governor of Texas who runs a separate testing lab goes on television about the war on terrorism and drug.....etc...because we all know it is your average tea party member that goes around spreading terrorist drugs on the young

Reviewed by tkaine3 5 / 10

Friends take a vacation to a local island for a reunion and end up with a cannibalistic virus.

I really do not enjoy most films that are micro budgets but this film had some pretty decent effects and good enough acting. Right from the opening credits the editing looked pretty cool and with the early dialogue a lot of indie films talk too much or not enough but this film felt very smooth. Now what it did lack was originality as far as the plot is concerned, I mean 6 friends 2 cars the cabin get away, I swear if that is all we do in movies portraying America as far as fun is concerned no wonder other country's despise us. But the effects all in all were OK the music was nothing memorable and the pace during the middle could have sped up some. But the end was good by kind of tapping into our real life issues we are dealing with now was cool and it ended better than a lot of micro films so I think this one can be checked out if nothing serious is going on..

Reviewed by Hank Scorpio 1 / 10

Don't waste your time with this one

I created an IMDb account immediately after watching this movie, just so I could post this review.

This movie sucked. I knew it was going to suck after the first 10 seconds, but I watched it anyway. If you paid any amount of money to see this movie, I feel sorry for you. It's boring. The acting is bad, and the characters are even worse. Who wrote these characters? Am I supposed to like them? Sympathize with them? Root for their deaths because of how snobby/obnoxious they are? I felt none of these things. Instead, what I did feel was the urge to run far, far away from any movie that this director's name on it.

28 Days Later is a great movie with a great soundtrack. It's pretty obvious that The Evil In Us was partly inspired by that movie, but it falls so flat on its face that it's honestly just an embarrassment.

Everything looks and feels very cheap and hastily thrown together, from the cops' uniforms to the make-up effects. 90 minutes of pure drudgery. I thought maybe, MAYBE this movie would be a little self-aware because of the cliché setup, but I guess that's too much to ask for.

Probably the worst part happens at the very end, when the director feels the need to hamfist his irrelevant political views into the movie. "Le ebil Republicans were behind it all XDDDDDD world domination, those greedy pigs just want control!" There's no payoff, no message, no interesting camera angles, no effects, nothing. There's nothing. This movie is nothing.

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