The Eyes of My Mother


Drama / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 76%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 62%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 4298


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by luisgentil 6 / 10

Movie too dragging and ending too sudden

The black and white and the Portuguese fado really set a great atmosphere in this movie. It sets the stage for a horrifying and disturbing story.

But until near the end of the movie nothing actually happens, except for some background story. The few dialogues are monosyllabic, scenes are cut just when they start to get interesting, and the entire movie is interspersed with long dragging static scenes and exaggerated time leaps. Character development here is practically zero.

When the real substance of the plot begins, the movie is 20 minutes from the end.

The choices made here are confusing. The entire movie is about 75 minutes long, and although they abuse static scenes (making it feel a lot longer, by the way), they couldn't spare 3 or 5 more minutes to make a decent ending. The ending is clear to the viewer, but as with all interesting scenes, it is cut short just before the climax.

Reviewed by annrie_1 7 / 10

Not a horror - but fantastic film

For people who are expecting a slasher or bloody and gore film then this isn't one for you...

Probably one of the best films of this year and the cinematography in black and white is brilliant and just adds to the suspense of the film throughout.

Personally I loved that this film made me feel uncomfortable the entire time never knowing what was going to happen.

It makes you feel sympathetic to the main character but also for the rest of the cast as well in a messed up way!

I am not going to let anything away with this film but for commercial horror fans this isn't for you.

Think the anti Christ without sex but with a stunning female lead who work solo through out and make us fall in love yet hate and also feel Sorry for her all at the same time!

A must see

Reviewed by whiskyjar 8 / 10

Beautifully filmed and quite disturbing. Stunning debut feature.

Based on the screening at CIFF.

The film opens with a lone figure, a chain dragging from her ankle, staggering down a desolate country road. A truck appears; the driver tries to warn the figure off the road, but she collapses...

So begins the equivalent of a lyrical tone-poem of a film. The plot revolves around the life of a woman who witnessed the brutal murder of her mother as a child, and the subsequent events, combined with her near total isolation throughout her entire life, leave her with a desperate need to be loved by someone, anyone, in any way, without any regard for the potentially devastating effects her actions might have on those unlucky enough to cross her path...

Shot entirely in black-and-white, this movie is a beauty to behold from start to finish. A series of vignettes unfold the protagonist's journey from an innocent child to a grown woman who has committed atrocities for the sake of love, and it is a testament to the strength of the storytelling that the film maintains sympathy for the protagonist even as it demonstrates the lengths to which she will go to achieve her ill-defined goals.

Fair warning: while there is relatively little gore, some viewers may find the themes in this film disturbing and potentially triggering. If this doesn't describe you, and you aren't afraid of a little art-house in your horror, this film is well worth checking out.

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