The Face of an Angel


Action / Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 36%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 10%
IMDb Rating 4.7 10 3694


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Kate Beckinsale as Simone Ford
Cara Delevingne as Melanie
Daniel Brühl as Thomas
Sophie Rundle as Hannah
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by The Couchpotatoes 4 / 10

From boring to extremely boring

I have absolutely no idea how I came with the idea of watching this movie. As soon as it started I immediately understood that it was about the Amanda Knox case even though they use different names. So I thought it would be interesting to watch a movie about that. But what a disappointed that turned out to be. The story goes back and forth between the life of the journalists and the case itself. Difficult to follow and also extremely boring. Not that the actors were bad or so. They were all believable in their roles. But the story was just too boring and badly written. At one point I was battling not to fall asleep and at the end I just lost the battle. In a case like that I would normally just rewind until the part I fell asleep but with this movie I could not care less. I don't even want to know how it ended, too boring to waste anymore of my time with it.

Reviewed by Torson Falcradine 1 / 10

Simply awful

This must be the biggest load of tripe I have seen in ages.The so called story of Amanda Knox is embellished and confused introducing unnecessary anomalies and fantasies.

From the cocaine snorting journalist to the disjointed storyline incorporating mythical creatures the story does not stack up at all.

If they were going to tell the story of Meredith Kercher why did they feel it necessary to change people's names.

I cannot see the purpose if this movie and why it was made - totally pointless, boring and uninteresting .

There is simply no redeeming features that can recommend this movie

Do not waste your money in watching this rubbish

Reviewed by Christopher Reynolds 2 / 10

A self-satisfied trivialisation of a murder case

This film takes a real-life murder case and turns it into a version of Spike Jonze's Adaptation, focusing on a screenwriter (Daniel Brühl) and his attempt to adapt the events into the film we're watching. Even setting aside the tastelessness of this, this creates two problems: firstly, focusing on the screenwriter removes the murder case to the status of a background event yet the film tries to have its cake and eat it by having Thomas do an investigation into the truth behind the murder. This aspect is impossible to care about and really half-baked. The investigation goes nowhere and eventually just gets dropped. Secondly it injects an air of self-satisfaction into the proceedings, it's impossible to watch this without feeling that the film is praising itself, with Thomas explaining how he's going to use the structure of Dante's Divine Comedy as a model for the screenplay. And despite being talked up and explained endlessly within the film, the Divine Comedy structure barely comes through at all. Thomas also comes across as unpleasant and hard to sympathise with, yet of course his talent is praised to the sky by the supporting characters, and he has no trouble bedding Kate Beckinsale and Cara Delevigne's characters. Despite all of the things going on the film still manages to be incredibly boring and throws in some dream sequence fake-outs in a very irritating attempt to liven things up.

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