The Factory


Action / Crime / Mystery / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SteveMierzejewski 5 / 10

The factory delivers damaged goods

After watching this movie, I had to wonder if this genre isn't simply exhausted: basically, psychopath kidnaps daughter of someone he shouldn't have. We all buy into this for one reason. We know that we'll eventually get a pay off in the form of revenge. Make the psychopath as evil as possible so that later we will relish his destruction. We will even overlook inconsistencies and absurdities in the plot as long as we get paid off for it. Well, I'll leave it up to each viewer to determine whether this film paid off, for me, it didn't.

This movie can only work if you accept the amazing coincidence that forms the basis of the story, but then you find that you have to accept a lot more coincidences. What I think happened was that the initial screenplay had logical inconsistencies which the writer(s) attempted to plug which led to more inconsistencies and so on. So you get a lot of contrived scenes and 'wow, look what I found, what a coincidence" scenes. I have a feeling that the whole ending was grafted on as an afterthought and then the screenplay was readjusted to it.

I watched this movie primarily because John Cusack was in it and that gave it a certain credibility. He does okay. There's nothing much in the way of interacting with other characters. They could have been played by mannequins and the movie would have been about the same.

Much of the movie seems like a series of scenes grafted on from other movies like "Taken", "Taxi Driver" and a few others. My advice for potential viewers is to watch those movies instead. The Factory needs too many renovations.

Reviewed by Johnny Hollywood ([email protected]) 4 / 10

Cusack tries, but can't save a sinking ship all by himself.

Hollywood veteran John Cusack is detective Mike Fletcher, a maverick cop who has a hard time playing by the rules at the best of times, let alone when trying to find his missing daughter. Mistaken for a streetwalker by the creepy-for-the-sake-of-being-creepy Gary Gemeaux (Dallas Roberts), Abby Fletcher (Mae Whitman) is thrown into a makeshift dungeon with a couple of other inmates who are forced to produce children for a mysterious benefactor.

Cusack and Roberts make an honourable effort despite an uninspired script, but that is the only highlight to draw from this film. Part-police procedural, part-torture porn exploitation, The Factory blends the two polarising genres with mixed results; the end product serving more to unsettle than stimulate or entertain.

Many of the film's victims are inherently unlikeable, and as such do not demand audience sympathy for their dire situations to the extent that they should. The Factory is actually tolerable, albeit immediately forgettable, for much of its run time, until an overly ambitious climax shreds any filmic credibility that might have still lingered in the mind of the viewer. The 'twist' ending is both predictable and illogical, resulting in a disastrous conclusion leaving one feeling somewhere between 'unsatisfied' and 'downright cheated'.

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Reviewed by NitrousMcBread 1 / 10

Screamingly idiotic scrapings from underneath the Hollywood cheese counter.

We all like John Cusack. He's a lovable presence, very watchable in anything he's in, and possesses a kind of wiry energy which translates brilliantly to the screen. But he's really squandering the good feeling with "The Factory" and looks throughout like he's embarrassed to be part of something so intensely pathetic and which insults the intelligence of its audience so catastrophically - but you still took the cheque, didn't you, John? Weak...

"The Factory" is set in a world where there's only one type of pregnancy test kit on the market. It's a world in which imprisoned female victims of rape profess undying devotion to their rapist captor - and mean it. It's a world in which people are sliced open and drowned but are okay two minutes later.

I hate myself for seeing this film through until the jaw-droppingly ludicrous final twist. So will you. Please, please, if you have an hour and a half to spare and are considering seeing this movie, you can achieve the same feelings of incredulity and self-loathing for free by standing in a corner and occasionally hitting yourself in the face with a big spoon.

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