The First Power


Action / Crime / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 22%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 46%
IMDb Rating 5.7 10 2869


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Lou Diamond Phillips as Russell Logan
Jeff Kober as Patrick Channing
Bill Moseley as Bartender
Mykelti Williamson as Detective Oliver Franklin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Raegan Butcher 8 / 10

fast paced supernatural thriller

You can only see a movie for the first time once and so I have to admit that THE FIRST POWER worked on me the first time I saw it in theaters. It moved with such lightning speed that I didn't have time to ponder its snowballing silliness. The director, Robert Resnikoff, knows how to construct an action film--the cinematography is first rate and the editing superb-- he just doesn't know when to stop. There are car chases, horse and buggy chases, foot chases and innumerable shoot-outs, and at one point the killer even brandishes a ceiling fan as a rather laughable weapon and all the action movie huggery-muggery sits rather uneasily on top of the supernatural elements.Lou Diamond Philips, though a tad young-looking to be such a seasoned detective, gives a competent performance. Jeff Kober is obviously having fun playing the killer and it shows; he has a toothy menace that's suitably creepy. Probably the best thing going for THE FIRST POWER is a truly unnerving and effective soundtrack from Stewart Copeland. The director pulls off some nasty mind-trips on the character played by Philips, one where he wakes to find his apartment seemingly covered in blood and another in a confessional booth when he goes to get some answers from a local priest.

Reviewed by dagger-7 7 / 10

Scary satanic horror!

Entertaining movie, which has a sort of dream-like quality, a good share of scary moments and is quite well thought out. A serial "Pentagram" killer is sentenced to death. It doesn't end here, though, as he's resurrected by the Devil himself and comes back for vengeance. Lou Diamond Phillips is convincing and red-headed Tracy Griffith is a babe. The arch-villain will give you the creeps. Personally, I quite enjoyed this and have it in my personal video collection. Good choice for all occult fans! Rating: 7 out of 10

Reviewed by FlashCallahan 7 / 10

Piggy piggy.......

Patrick Channing,born out of an incestuous relationship, and living through an emotionally scarring childhood, gives in to Satanic forces and becomes a murderer known as The Pentagram Killer.

He becomes the main target of Detective Russell Logan, whom engages in a battle of wits with Channing in life and after death.

It appears that Channing can't be stopped, because sentencing him to death gave him the titular power...

If the summary sounds familiar, that's because it was remade in 1997 as the Denzel Washington film 'Fallen'. And while that film is the better known and has the bonus of a more 'talented' cast, this one is by far the most fun.

Finally after years of being sandwiched between Kiefer Sutherland, Diamond Phillips gets his own action vehicle, and he's loving every minute of it.

His Logan is your atypical yuppie late eighties cop. Wearing trousers up to his chin, holding a gun in a very silly way while running down dark alleyways with Melanie Griffiths less famous sister.

And the film gets straight to the point with an outstanding film stealing performance from Kober as the antagonist. Kober must have known that this would have been a breakout performance for him, so he gives it his all, absolutely owning every scene that he's in.

Phillips is good, but he's just playing the straight second fiddle cop to the maguffin of the film, namely the killer. So whilst we are following the narrative from Logans point of view, what your really waiting for is what he will discover next, and whose body will be taken over next.

It's a good looking film, especially when you consider the budget, and the fact that it could have easily have been stuck in a fashion/music time capsule (there is the trousers though).

some of the stunt work is pretty jaw dropping, even today, particularly the car chase, the way once the killer is reborn he knows martial arts, and the films standout scene, the jump from the building, which is alone worth watching the film for.

So all in all, it's a forgotten slice of early nineties cheese, but thanks to the recent release of the Blu Ray, it may finally get the recognition it deserves.

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