The Fitzgerald Family Christmas


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 64%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by v s 10 / 10

great movie!

Loved this movie! Having grown up Irish on Long Island, in a broken family, I can vouch for its authenticity. From the kitschy plastic Christmas decorations on the front lawn to the tough slang of the brothers, it's L.I. all the way.

In the movie, the father left the family 20 years ago, and now comes back and expects to spend Christmas with his"family" again--his ex-wife and seven children--even though many want nothing to do with him.

The film has a great natural flow, and it's charming throughout. It was great to see Ed Burns again and he's picked a great ensemble for his movie.

I haven't seen many of his movies but plan to catch up.

Reviewed by mrs-farrar22 5 / 10

Good Bones, Not-So-Great delivery

This story had great potential, but was butchered in the way in which it was told. A father coming home for Christmas could make a great, feel-good movie, but it should be the story of the family's amazing reunion, not the story about a family's fight about whether or not he should be allowed at Christmas dinner. Maybe choose ONE character or couple to follow more closely instead of splitting it up into 7 different mini-stories, each which should have its own movie all its own. You have the central character(s) and supporting roles. This was just CHAOS; most of the kids had their own separate story lines, and none of them had complete, satisfying closure. What happened with Connie and the baby? Where's the justice for her husband? What about Gerry and Nora? Did they make it to their happily ever after?

In the beginning of the movie, all of the siblings, save Gerry, let on that they did not like or have much respect for their mother, grasping at straws to find any excuse to avoid spending her birthday with her. The reason, one sister said, was that Gerry didn't know how their mom was to the rest of them....which provided no actual explanation, and gave the appearance that very little thought was given into the movie's back story. I felt it was a weak movie with a lot of vague, suggestive lines leading you to assume (or guess at) things that have happened. Isn't the purpose of a movie to SHOW you things instead of TELL you things? Mainly, I saw a bunch of people going back and forth to each others' houses, arguing about whether or not Dad deserved to come to Christmas. The transitions were awful and there was no rhyme or reason to why they were at one place or another; it just felt like they were changing settings just to change settings.

Another thing: where was the grand apology? Where was the sweeping her (and the family) off their feet and MAKING them believe that he was truly sorry? A movie like that is supposed to make you feel GOOD about the ending. This just made me feel like the mom was grudgingly allowing him into her house, the kids had a sudden change of heart, but no real apology, healing or growing was done as a family (or by any family member individually). That's what is supposed to happen at the end of a movie like this. Don't get me wrong, I love movies that don't end traditionally, but this movie made me FEEL nothing. I was severely disappointed.

Reviewed by (levineshelly) 9 / 10

An authentic family drama that every NY Irish-American family will relate to

What a wonderful film. The characters, the relationships, the situations are all so real. Seven adult siblings are negotiating coming together for Christmas, after having bailed on their mother's 70th birthday party the night before. The oldest brother, played by Ed Burns, tries to bring the family together but must deal with all the various conflicts and alliances that naturally occur in a large family. The plot revolves around the absent father, who abandoned the family 20 years earlier and who now wants to reunite with the family for Christmas. All very authentic and moving, without ever becoming melodramatic. Anita Gillette, the actress playing the family matriarch, is absolutely amazing. And Ed Burns is fabulous, as usual. This should be an annual Christmas movie!

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