The Further Adventures of the Wilderness Family


Action / Adventure / Family

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by utgard14 5 / 10

"Let's keep the record straight, Boomer -- wolves do not attack people."

Wilderness Family sequel that continues the adventures of our beloved family of irresponsible hippies who forsook the city life to live in the mountains, befriending wild animals. It's pretty much more of the same as the last one, except here the little girl's age has been accelerated to make her a teen, despite only taking place six months after the last film. Robert Logan and Susan Damante-Shaw return, as does George "Buck" Flower as the creepy wandering mountain man friend of the family's. More corny music, this time with songs from Barry "Greg Brady" Williams. The natural scenery is, of course, the highlight and the best reason to watch this. They make living in the wilderness look so appealing I was tempted to try it myself, until I remembered how much I hate bugs and snakes and how much I enjoy indoor plumbing and food that doesn't bite me.

Reviewed by Peter White ([email protected]) 1 / 10

One of the worst movies ever made

If this movie (coughs..production) was written with the intent of being a comedy, I'd rate it 10 stars!

This is a horrible movie when it comes to presenting a real life experience in the wilderness. All throughout the movie, the father behaves like a joking idiot. The mother, how she married such a dope is beyond comprehension. They have NO clue on how to live in the wilderness. They obviously didn't make any preparations to do so.

In every scenario in which the children (or family for that matter) are subjected to life and death situations, the father behaves as though his brain went on a vacation. Grizzly bears are attacking (you do know how to shoot a bear...right Dada?)...wolves are attacking family....(you guessed it, Dada just shoots in the air....and then's OK)...seriously?????????

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.


"How To Make Sure Everyone Knows That Dada Is A Complete Moron And Does NOT Know How To Take Care Of And Make Sure His Family Survives"

If you want to watch a comedy .... JUMP IN!!...otherwise...don't waste your time on this one.

PS. Jesus Christ loves you more than you could EVER imagine (yes, the reader), and died on the cross for your sins and mine. Give Him Your Life While There is Still Time.

Reviewed by Wizard-8 5 / 10

More of the same

I reviewed on the IMDb years earlier the first "Wilderness Family" movie, and I commented that the various dangers that the family encountered made city life look a lot more safer and inviting. This first sequel actually is an improvement in this aspect. There are various dangers the family encounters, but not quite as much. The movie is also boosted by managing to keep the fact that the members of the family (and mountain man "Boomer") are a very likable bunch. There is also some impressive footage, mostly of the spectacular wilderness, but also some animal footage (including one shot involving a cougar and a cliff that the SPCA would probably not allow today!)

But the movie still has some problems. The biggest and most obvious problem is that THERE IS NO PLOT. Up to the 5/7 mark, the movie is just a series of various vignettes involving the family. Then the mother gets sick, and the movie spends the last half hour of the movie dealing with this, in a pretty predictable fashion.

There are also some unintended laughs, like when the young son wants his father to take him hunting - when the father did this in the first film. Then there is the scene where the two children get lost in the snow (why don't they just turn around and follow their tracks back home?)

Kids may like this, but adults will probably be able to predict what the movie will be like before they actually watch it.

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