The Gallows


Action / Horror / Thriller


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Cassidy Gifford as Cassidy Spilker
Pfeifer Brown as Pfeifer Ross
Reese Mishler as Reese Houser
Ryan Shoos as Ryan Shoos
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ldavison530 1 / 10

Made me mad how awful this film was

Haven't watched a horror film in a long time & decided to go check this one out. I almost left after 45 minutes but decided to stick out , since I paid for the ticket. Huge mistake, this movie wasn't even remotely scary at all or suspenseful. Camera work was annoying & distracting. Highly do not recommend if you're older than 15. Characters were not likable at all, so you really didn't care when on of them died. The "scary parts" were predictable and very juvenile, mainly included sudden loud noises or a person appearing out of nowhere. Very lazy script in my opinion, not much originality. I honestly don't understand how a movie like this could ever make it to the big screen, if this is the future of horror movies , then I just watched my last one.

Reviewed by mveal 1 / 10

Tedious and poorly made found footage movie

The teaser trailer for this film was great and I was looking forward to what looked like a savage and rather nasty horror film.

Sadly I found The Gallows to be utterly tragic in every way. The film is another entry in the overcrowded found footage genre and the story's cameraman was obnoxious and idiotic right from the start.

All the characters here are paper-thin and clichéd, they make stupid decisions to put themselves needlessly in peril.

But generally there isn't much peril, or danger, or scares. Distractingly amateurish, The Gallows looked as if it was shot for fifty quid in a spare weekend.

It's very annoying to pay a lot of money to see a film as awful as this in the cinema, because it's not even worth a rental.

Avoid paying to see the full film and just watch the trailer for free, that way you won't feel robbed.

Reviewed by FlashCallahan 2 / 10

A new Gal-LOW in found footage horror....

Twenty years ago in the small town of Beatrice, there was a terrible accident that took place during a presentation of the play "The Gallows" at the High School.

Charlie Grimille, who was the understudy, filled in for the lead on opening night, but ended up swinging from the noose on stage during curtain calls.

In an attempt to honour the anniversary, Beatrice High School's drama department decides to revive the play in an attempt to put the past to rest.

Pfeifer, the star of the show, discovers her co-star, Reese, and a few of his friends, sabotaging the props one night. But when they are locked in the school with no cell service and no way out, they soon discover Charlie isn't at peace.....

When I first saw the trailer for this, I was completely blown away. It was terrifying, and straight to the point. Boom!! The Gallows, girl gets noose around neck and gets dragged away. Trailer done..

The film is very different, different as its a complete mess, poorly written, poorly acted, and quite incoherent. We basically spend the mercifully short duration watching teens waste their phone Batteries filming pointless walking back and forth down corridors.

On the odd occasion there is a figure holding a noose, but what's horrid about it is that it looks like Kane Hodder on occasion, and totally throws you.

The characters are wholly unlikable, and it all ends like you'd expect from a film that cannot decide where to go, abruptly.

The bit from the trailer is there, and it's still good, but your eyes will be so rolled back in disbelief that you'll probably miss it. Better still, just watch the trailer, you'll save yourself less anger than having to sit through this rubbish.

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