The Girl with All the Gifts


Action / Drama / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 84%
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Gemma Arterton as Helen Justineau
Glenn Close as Dr. Caroline Caldwell
Paddy Considine as Sgt. Eddie Parks
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tendought 6 / 10

Ranges from well done to bad

The Girl with All the Gifts is a good movie of the walker/infected genre - a fungus spreads out in the world and transforms the humans to flesh craving numb-heads. We follow some scientists, a girl who has maybe the potential to cure the world and some soldiers in a world out of control. Well done are some scenes and settings which depict the feel of a desolated world very good, also we get some iconic scenes with the transforming crazies. What else!? Gemma Arterton and Glen Close can't act bad.

But I have to say the last quarter of the movie including the solution was a little bit too much of a let down to me. For example the scene where the little girl defends Gemma and a soldier against a horde of hungry crazy kids is so out of place and bad executed I couldn't help myself and felt embarrassed for the cast, for the director, for my self - this scene (I guess you will understand me if you watch/watched the movie) is laughable, a total mess and it shows harsh the other weak point of the movie - the abilities of the girl actor are too restricted and if she got for a longer time into the focus of the play/camera it shows hard (as the girl grunted against the other kids I didn't know if I should laugh or cry out for mercy - it is even more bad as some of that kiddo stuff in Mad Max III). So The Girl with All the Gifts is a good movie regarding the first three quarters, after that the movie loses its quality - rapidly.

So 28 Days Later is still the supreme master of the fast-running-whatever-flesh-craving-maniacs-genre. This one is a nice try, but not more. First 3 quarters get a 7-8 from me, the last quarter only 3 makes 6 in my own math.

Reviewed by MELlSANDRE 4 / 10

What is it with movies lately?

I had read a couple of great reviews about this film, so my BF and I agreed it was next on the list.

It started out really, really well. And yes, the beginning is a study in human nature and two viewpoints, neither of which are wrong. The acting is solid, again mostly at the beginning.

The actress who portrays The Girl, Sennia Nanua, is riveting. EVERY look, every gesture, every time she delivers a line, is perfect and judging based solely on her performance here, I think she is going to be HUGE in the industry. To be honest, I did a double take when I found out she was only 13 as she seems so mature and has the acting chops of a much older actress.

I was so enjoying her in this!

And then at around the 20-minute mark the film begins to unravel. It is little things at first. Kind of a 'hmmm, that was kind of dumb' sort of thing but which you file away because truly, the film so far, has been excellent. It proceeds, and is still interesting. As is expected, the group dwindles to where the main actors remain and you get more of a feel for the core group. The Girl, is still a stand-out, delivering a great performance. The story however, has cracked and you see the cracks.

At the 40-45 minute mark, the story changes in earnest and it loses much of its its appeal. At the 1:17 mark it goes into WTF are they thinking territory. At the 1:26 mark it falls off the rails completely, loses all credibility and appeal, and dives head-first into oh-no-they-didn't land. Seriously. I can't stress the level of ridiculousness and awful it dissolves into without giving it away. I will say however that even 'The Girl' seemed palpably embarrassed.

The ending is so very preposterous and inane that you really have to wonder what it is with movies lately. This could have been gold.

If you take NOTHING else away from my review, take this. The Girl With All The Gifts starts out as a tremendously strong movie for adults. By the end, it unravels into an absurd (bad) television parody of let's say The Teletubbies. I dare you (if/when you watch) to come back and counter that statement.

Reviewed by Theo Robertson 9 / 10

This Grim And Gritty Gift Of A Movie Doesn't Disappoint

One film I was looking forward to in 2016 was THE PURGE ELECTION NIGHT but that ended up as a predictable disappointment . There was nothing else cinema wise that was on the horizon until I caught Mark Kermode's movie review on the BBC where he raved about a low budget British horror movie THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS . Catching a couple of short clips I was instantly intrigued and thought to myself how similar it was to Danny Boyle's 28 DAYS LATER . Despite Kermode's praise it's a film that seemed to disappear very quickly with little acclaim . Despite this I made a point of catching it first opportunity I got so what better way to celebrate the start of 2017 by watching the film that wins my award of the best film of 2016

Yes you read that right a low budget British zombie apocalypse movie is my favourite movie of 2016 . I know I didn't see too many films last year but even so this doesn't negate TGWATG in any way shape or form . It's only a zombie film on the surface and scratch away the wafer thin surface and you've something totally compelling and multi-layered

Okay let's get the very few negatives out of the way first . First thing is the central character Melanie is just far too knowing to be entirely convincing as a child , but I guess that's narrative convention . Secondly the first 15 minutes of the film builds up a lot of mystery as to who Melanie and the other children might be , but this mystery becomes totally redundant if you know what type of sub-genre you're watching . Thirdly the army unit is more cosmopolitan than the united colours of Benneton . For some reason every TV show and film has the British army being more racially diverse than Daesh/ISIS

Positives ? I'd just tell you watch the movie but that'd be too easy . If you're expecting a relatively straight forward take on 28 DAYS LATER you'll be very surprised because nearly everything here surpasses Boyle's film especially the story details . The quasi zombies nicknamed "Hungries" have suffered their condition due to a fungal infection and the fungus adds another obstacle for the human survivors to worry about. Some scenes are genuinely disturbing but the most chilling scene involves Dr Caroline Caldwell describe an incident in a maternity ward . Let's just say if you know anyone who is pregnant don't let them see this movie . Yeah it's only a movie but it's so intense and convincing that I'm glad I'll never get pregnant . In fact I'm glad of there being little chance of me getting anyone pregnant

With a budget of £4.000.000 director Colm McCarthy works miracles and the two best aspects are using an amorphous soundtrack by Cristobal Tapia de Veer which is oppressive and atmospheric in equal measure and McCarthy - "British foreign legion" aside - casts well . Gemma Arterton proves she's more than a pretty face , Close and Considene are better than usual and the real revelation is Sennia Nanua as Melanie who makes her feature film debut and this will certainly not be the last we'll be hearing from her

I don't want to over hype TGWATG but I was looking forward to seeing it and all expectations were surpassed by a very long margin . I should guard my back somewhat by stating once again by stating this is a grim . gritty but great apocalyptic thriller . I like these type of stories but even so I'm going to have trouble sleeping for a long time . It's undoubtedly the best horror film I've seen since THE MIST from ten years ago and just simply the best and most powerful movie I've seen in a long time

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