The Gong Show Movie


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by estabansmythe 10 / 10

It all began with young Tom Edison

Hollywood gave us "Birth Of A Nation. It gave us "Gone With The Wind" and "The Wizard of Oz" in one year, 1939. "Citizen Kane" followed and was itself followed by such classics as "The Best Years Of Our Lives," "On The Waterfront," "The Ten Commandments" "Ben Hur," and "2001: A Space Odyssey," among other titanic films.

Then in 1980, the one true master, the genius that is Chuck Barris, gave us "The Gong Show Movie," based on what was perhaps Newton Minnow's brightest light, the TV show, "The Gong Show."

In a nutshell, this is what it's really all about. Life itself. The secrets of the universe revealed and the meaning of life itself, all for you and me in glorious color. All in "The Gong Show Movie." BTW, the 10 score and this review might be just a tad facetious. Maybe. Possibly.

Reviewed by marc-151 10 / 10

A Great Flick for Gong Show Fans

Actually, it's a MUST see for Gong Show fans.

The film is uneven, but there are some excellent scenes such as the hospital scene.

Plus, you get to see Gong Show rarities like the popsicle twins and Jaye P.'s unsheathing.

Note that 30% of the voters (so far) have given this film a 10 and about 30% have given it a 1 !

Reviewed by MovieMan-112 10 / 10

A Cult Classic That Deserves To Be Released on VHS and DVD!

This movie is just one big "uncensored" episode of the infamous tv show "The Gong Show" and for fans of the show, like myself, it's truly a memorable classic. When this movie was released 21 years ago, it was bashed by critics who called it "nothing more than a sleazy freak show" and that's probably the reason why it was never released on video. I think it's about time that somebody re-issues this hilarious tale of just how far a game show host will go to exploit and humiliate the guests on his show. Chuck "Chucky Baby" Barris plays himself in a much more mellow role than the one he played on the show (rumor has it that Barris was high on uppers during almost every broadcast...and it showed) as a man frustrated with the networks who want him to keep his syndicated show on a fine line between the insane and the obscene. This being too hard to do, Barris suffers a nervous breakdown which leads him into exile in a desert in Morocco where all his friends follow him and convince him to just "do what he wants to do" despite what the networks who broadcast his show say. This is accompanied by a catchy tune titled "Don't Get up For Me". Barris finally goes back to the states and does the show "his way", causing one network executive to literally faint during the broadcast. This movie was a perfect ending to The Gong Show itself, which went off the air a few months after the movie premiered. The uncensored collection of auditions and show performances in this movie are priceless. Some of the acts include a man portraying Jesus Christ on the cross singing the Dean Martin tune "Please Release Me, Let Me Go", The Unknown Comic's vulgar jokes, two siamese twins singing The Captain and Tennille's "Love Will Keep Us Together", Jaye P. Morgan flashing her breasts, a human flatulent machine, an upside down banjo player who is dropped onto the stage head-first, and a folk song about legalizing prostitution, just to name a few. The soundtrack is great and it should be released along with the movie itself. The problem with today's movies are that all of them, whether great or horrible, are released on video while many movies before 1990 were never released on video. It didn't matter if they were great or lousy. I hope to see a copy of this movie on the market within the next few years. My copy isn't that good because it's very very old and barely watchable. That's why we need this cult classic on video. See it if you can. If not, petition to see it by having MCA Universal release it on VHS and DVD. 21 years without it is enough. Get your act together's about time.

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