The Goob


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Reviewed by Bana25 6 / 10

Great English backwater movie, it's not all Four Weddings and a Funeral over here!

Was pretty impressed by this, Sean Harris as usual is a nasty violent angry man, but does it so well you can't help but like the guy, he would scare me thats for sure if I came to blows, he's the kinda guy albeit small and weasel like that would fight to the death and never back down.

The movie reminded me of some aspects of other movies, namely Sex & Lucia where she is riding on the motorbike, the director had most likely seen this movie, but did it well in all honesty and replaced Paz Vega with 'The Goob', and also The War Zone, Tim Roth's only directorial debut.

The main character Goob did a great job for a first time job, and Oliver Kennedy was very good, and sure to see him in lots more.

I would rate it a solid 6, maybe a 7 if you wanna see Sienna Guillory getting ass banged against a wall lol!

Reviewed by Paul Evans 8 / 10

Watch it for the acting.

At times this is an uncomfortable watch, to say it's gritty is an understatement. The story focuses on school leaver Goob and his sudden transformation into adulthood. Set in a rather downtrodden bit of Norfolk it shows how bleak life is for him. Goob's stepfather Gene makes his life hell, but things are turned upside down for Goob when he meets young Eva and falls for her.

Truly excellent performances, the young man himself Liam Walpole is fantastic as the lead, and I will be stunned if further roles don't follow for him. As is so often the case though, my attention is grabbed by Sean Harris, i'm not sure what it is this guy has got, but he's got something, he actually manages to scare me somehow. When he's angry he means it. Sienna Guillory manages to show us how versatile she is, one minute she does historical drama, and the next she's like a contestant on the Jeremy Kyle show, she is a superb actress.

I've read of people comparing this to Tyrannosaur, I can see the resemblance but I think that hit much harder then this.

It's an excellent film, all about the acting, no gimmicks, no special effects, no gun scenes, all about the performances. 8/10

Reviewed by P Cook 8 / 10

Life in The Fens, realistic story and new faces

There is an awful lot of popcorn pap that comes out of Hollywood that doesn't deserve the attention given, so it is refreshing to see a film that has no fuss.

The Goob is a wonderful film, very much in the tradition of Tyrannosaur and Fish Tank and tells a local story of life in the Fens. Some new faces and the lead is mesmerising and convincing as a young man on the edge of manhood.

Very reminiscent of Tyrannosaur with some tough acting, characters and life in the raw, sometimes not pretty but recognisably real.

Go see it, this is a good story, fantastic acting and the Brits have the best nutters!

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