The Good Dinosaur


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kirstienne 10 / 10

Pixar Continues To Tug at Heartstrings. Don't Get the Bad Reviews AT ALL.

I'm in my twenties and to be honest, I still enjoy watching Pixar films with my family. There's just something so genuine and beautiful about their movies, not to mention the endless amount of lessons one can learn.

When I initially read the reviews about "The Good Dinosaur", they were all so bad. It didn't stop me from watching though and I do not regret that decision. This has got to be one of the most heartwarming Pixar films I've ever seen and it tugged at my heartstrings. I was crying throughout the movie especially towards the end.

The thing about being an adult, we tend to overthink something so simple. The plot isn't something grand. It's not funny. It's cute. If you're looking for a film like the classic Pixar favorite "Toy Story", forget about watching this. It's a really simple storyline that focuses mainly on teaching the importance of family, dealing with fears and overcoming them as well as finding oneself or making your mark in this world. View "The Good Dinosaur" with an open mind and just be ready to enjoy the movie without reading too much between the lines. The good thing about Pixar films is that they remind you how wonderful it is to still be a kid at heart. This movie is no exception. In fact, I think this joins the ranks of "Finding Nemo","UP", and "Inside Out". Everyone has a right to their own opinion, but I can't help but wonder why majority just plain dislike this movie.

If you're on the fence after reading one too many 1-star reviews, I say go ahead and still watch it. Judge for yourself. Be pure hearted like a kid and try to embrace the beautiful lessons of the film. Allow it to engulf you and touch you. If you have a kid/kids, this would be one of those perfect films to have a hearty conversation with afterwards. It's very inspiring, really.

Give "The Good Dinosaur" a try. Oh and one more thing, don't be afraid to cry while watching this. I've seen this twice and still end up a mess every time.

Reviewed by Ellie 10 / 10

Don't listen to the bad reviews, it is a beautiful, heartwarming picture! Watch it!

I have never wrote a review for a movie before now, and I have written this because I am so annoyed with people's ignorance towards a good animated movie.

I watched 'the good dinosaur' yesterday at the cinema, not knowing what to expect as I had not looked at any reviews and I had only watched a 30 second trailer...

I entered the cinema with my mum and we were the only adults without children with us! So, before it started I was slightly sceptical, thinking that it was going to be very kiddish! Then the film started.. through most of the film, my mum and I were in tears! It is the most heartwarming, emotional, animated film I have watched and it really touched my heart, some of the scenes in the film were so brilliantly thought out to show real messages! There was one scene where I was in floods of tears, the scene dealt with a serious theme, but did it so brilliantly! (you'll know what I mean if you watch it!) I even came out of the cinema with my eyes still watering!

All I am saying is do not listen to the bad reviews. Most of them will be expecting something complex but, this film is really not about that! This film is inspiring! Especially for children! It is a simple film, but the subtle messages, such as overcoming your fears, the importance of family, and making your mark were heartwarming, and make you think, a lot!

And for those reviews that said the film scared their child? Well, I was in a cinema full of children ageing from 2-10, and throughout the film they were asking questions, laughing, and full of excitement! This film was very funny, but emotional at the right times, with a great plot that really makes you think! I loved this film a lot more than other Pixar films such as wall-E, Up or Toy Story. Yes, I know that these films have imaginative, classic plots, but this film teaches you a lot more than they do, and also makes you feel for the characters! So go ahead and watch! But don't listen to the bad reviews! Make up your own mind!

Reviewed by Ashley Marie 1 / 10

Too Boring for Adults; Too Disturbing for Kids

Let me begin by saying that I've never seen a Disney film I didn't like, but this was the first movie I've ever walked out on.

Inside Out went viral and word spread it was a charming movie. The opposite is the case for The Good Dinosaur; word is spreading that it is an awful movie. You can't rely on stunning graphics to make a successful movie. The storyline was boring and it recycled the same plots as Land Before Time (not Disney), Finding Nemo, and The Lion King making it extremely predictable. However, unlike those three successful movies, there was very little humour, charm, or heartfelt moments present in this film. It relied heavily on action and cliffhangers. Although the moral of the story is good, "sometimes you've gotta get through your fears to see the beauty on the other side", it was nothing profound. Think of the message as though it was a gourmet dinner served on the lid of a trash can.

Although the film is promoted as a children's' film (Its rated PG but it's advertised on the preschool Disney Jr channel), it is not a children's' movie! Forget the intense moments of the Poppa dying near the beginning Mufasa style, or the violent dinosaur fights.. The same happened in The Lion King and I expected it in this film as well. Don't be naive to think that animal violence wouldn't make an appearance in a dinosaur film. However, many of the dinosaurs in the movie are cruel and down right creepy! A gang of pterodactyls manipulate Arlo into helping their search and rescue team (which turns out to be a cult, 'the storm provides') and after Arlo saves a baby animal, the leader eats the baby alive. Really Disney? Not necessary.

There is also many inappropriate drug references in this film. The obvious being when Arlo and Spot ingested some rotten berries and hallucinate. If that was the only alcohol/drug reference for the sake of humour, I could look past it (Think Dumbo's pink elephant parade, Tangled's drunk Cupid, etc). However, there are at least two more drug references that were more sneaky and clever to impress the adults in the audience (the paranoid drug induced spiritualist triceratop, the gang of meth addicted hillbilly velociraptors). Just inappropriate in my opinion and they made for a cast of unlikable, creepy dinosaurs. I guess Arlo was the Good Dinosaur because he said no to drugs...

I hate it when reviewers say this movie is inappropriate for children because of the animalistic violence. Again, what did you expect? It isn't scary, it's more disturbing and unlikable. As a major Disney and Pixar fan, I am sad to say this movie is a major flop and does not live up to the standards many parents expect from these studios.

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