The Hamiltons


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Christopher T. Chase ([email protected]) 8 / 10

"Family Dysfunction" Gets A Murderous Makeover...

For lovers of sensitive teen dramas centered around dysfunctional families...have I got a treat for you! THE HAMILTONS will take you back to your high school days of discovering books like CATCHER IN THE RYE, RUMBLEFISH and THE OUTSIDERS...only this has nothing to do with gangs. It does deal with a troubled young man, trying to find his place in the world, and also how he fits in with his VERY unique "family unit." Frances Hamilton (Cory Knauf), confused, withdrawn and in constant turmoil, documents his day-to-day life with his siblings, following them around with a camcorder as he records them and his thoughts in a video journal.

Older brother David (Samuel Child) carries the weight of the world on his shoulders, along with his role as 'man of the house', the legal guardian for everyone else since their parents died. The twins, volatile 'bad boy' Wendell (Joseph McKelheer) and Goth-obsessed Darlene (Mackenzie Firgens) aren't willing participants in the family, unless it involves being with each other. They're as close as a brother and sister can be...actually closer than what's considered appropriate.

The Hamiltons struggle to be good neighbors and put on the best face they can...when they're not shredding off someone else's. They do the best they can anywhere they live, until people start disappearing, and they have to move...AGAIN. Struggling with their murderous, nomadic existence and what it takes for them to survive, Frances is at a crossroads...should he pitch in and help them continue to do what they do, or should he tear the whole family apart in the hopes of finding a more "normal" way to live? If you enjoy 'family dramas with a twist' like George Romero's MARTIN, GINGER SNAPS or even the unconventional psycho-thriller MAY, THE HAMILTONS will definitely be your cup of blood. The Butcher Brothers have carefully fashioned a tale that will keep you engaged even if you figure out the 'family secret' well before the ending.

The actors turn in solid performances, but especially the ferocious effort by McKelheer and Firgens, and Rebekah Hoyle as Sam, the latest victim who may hold the last chance for Frances' most desperate wish.

I'm afraid that hard-core gorehounds seeking maximum carnage may feel cheated. When this film was part of HORRORFEST last year, it was sold as a 'slasher' film in the trailers, which is only half-true. Set your mood for something a little more nuanced and different, and you'll be ready to meet THE HAMILTONS.

Reviewed by Molly Celaschi (carlykristen) 7 / 10

The Hamiltons is a thinking person's "horror" film with a slow pace.

The Hamiltons 2005 (Theatrical "R", After Dark Horrorfest) – Directed by The Butcher Brothers, Winner of the Santa Barbara Intl Film Festival and the Malibu Film Festivals.

The Hamiltons are an unusual family that recent lost their parents. The family now consists of older brother David, who is struggling with his homosexuality and the pressures of running the household, the twins Darlene & Wendell, who are devious troublemakers, and younger brother Francis, who is coming to terms with his family and his place in the world.

The film starts out explaining that The Hamiltons siblings recently lost their parents and they have moved several times within the past couple of years. Twin Wendell soon kidnaps two young girls and it becomes apparent that The Hamiltons are not as they seem. Sensitive Francis grows weary of their ways, but is scared to be alone. Does he decide to do the right thing or stick by his family no matter what?

This is not by any means a typical horror film, but a thinking person's horror film. Those looking for gore and scares will be disappointed. It has an original story with great dialogue showcasing real problems within every family. It is ultimately a very accurate portrayal of a real family dealing with growing pains that features a slight twist at the end. During the end scene, you hear Francis giving a creepy voice-over almost giving it a documentary feel.

Cory Knauf gives a solid performance as Francis, the young man that has so much to say, but cannot. He really shows how torn Francis was in his decision and the isolation felt by many teens struggling to find their place as they hit adulthood. Mackenzie Firgens gives a great turn as twin Darlene who is vicious and sexy at the same time. You will love the scene where she chases Kitty through the house. (And maybe the one where she kisses her own brother!?!)

My only quibble is there is minimal gore and violence. During violent interactions, the camera turns away, so very little is caught on film. There is also an opening scene with Brittany Daniel that looked frightening at first, but there were some jittery camera movements and it fizzled with no pay out.

Bottom Line: The Hamiltons is a subtle "horror" film with a slow pace. This is more of a thinking man's (or woman's) horror film. Gorehounds should pass.

Rating: 7/10

Molly Celaschi

Reviewed by violetmoreviolent 7 / 10

"The Hamiltons" Brings A Whole New Meaning To The Term 'Dysfunctional Family'.

Another one of the eight films that was part of After Dark's Horror Film Festival, "The Hamiltons" is an intriguing little horror film/twisted family drama that will have you interested and disgusted at the same time. This independent horror film focuses around a family of four, consisting of three brothers and a sister, their parents both deceased. Francis is the youngest, who is withdrawn and spends most of his time filming his unconventional life with his camcorder. Darlene is a wild goth girl with an attitude, and her twin brother, Wendell is a bit of a tough guy and a ladies man. David is the oldest, the "man of the house", who is struggling to take care of his siblings and deal with being a homosexual. The Hamilton family may seem like a basically normal bunch on the surface - but little does anyone know, they also kidnap innocent people and tie them under their house and proceed to murder them.

Interesting premise, eh? I thought so myself. Far from your conventional horror flick, "The Hamiltons" contains one of the most twisted suburban families you'll see on screen. The story itself is pretty original - well, at least I can say I've never seen a film quite like this before. The film balances itself out, teetering on the brink between a horror/crime film and a psycho family drama. Script-wise, the film is really quite impressive. It has a few faults here and there (this would mainly be the trouble finding any sympathy for a couple of the characters of the family, when it seems the writers were poking at that), but overall the writing is clever and keeps a couple of important plot-twists pretty well hidden until the appropriate time to reveal them. It does drag it's feet a little during the middle of the film, which could have been a problem - luckily it isn't necessarily uninteresting because the character interaction is really compelling.

The acting here is surprisingly good, the leading actors are mostly unknown (besides Brittany Daniel of "Club Dread" and "Joe Dirt", who has a small role in the opening scene of the film), but I thought everyone performed well and the characters were pretty believable. The film is shot in a strange fashion, and it gives it an almost documentary style, which puts the audience in the moment. The picture is very bright and clear - it captures a realistic effect. There are a few shaky, jittery camera movements, and while I felt they were over used in some areas, they add a nice effect to the film. The big revelation near the end of the film was near genius, and the conclusion is almost perfect. I won't spoil it for you, because it would essentially ruin the biggest plot twist of the movie.

Overall, this is an interesting little flick with some great things to offer. It's not your typical horror movie at all, so don't expect one - but if you want to see a different type of horror film (a little slow moving, but heavy on character development), check it out. It's not a perfect movie, but I thought it was pretty good. If you thought your family was different, wait until you see "The Hamiltons". 7/10.

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