The Harvesting


Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Carl B. Thompson 8 / 10

Great - Unique - Scary Movie.

First off, let me say that I LOVE scary movies... Not the chop em up type, but the type that build suspense and pull you in. This movie did exactly that! The setting where they filmed this movie (wherever it was) is a perfect setting for this flick. The characters brought into this film had such a great charisma together, it makes you wonder if they work together often... Without giving any spoilers, THE END WAS AMAZING! For a Low-Budget film such as this, its hard to find one that's well written AND well directed. It holds the kind of Music, and psychological thrills that you think about before going to bed. I wouldn't go camping after watching it! All in All a great film and a must watch, especially if you like these types of movies.

Reviewed by Gaby 10 / 10

Great Movie!

Well paced and gripping in the way it gathers momentum through the movie. The photography is beautiful, the story is well directed and the actors give excellent performances. The music score supports the film well and is much better than you might expect for a low budget film. The story is a fascinating journey from light to dark with enough mystery to keep you guessing up to the end. I recommend it to fans of psychological dramas although hard core horror fans might find it lacking in gore. The film is well conceived and this first-time feature director definitely shows promise. Lastly, I enjoyed the Amish setting - you really feel transported there.

Reviewed by VlaDee 7 / 10

Smart, solid movie making

I like little horror movies that aren't trying to be standard tits and gore. It's a low-budget movie that takes advantage of stuff that doesn't actually cost more but gains a lot for the viewer: acting, mood, camera work and mystery. The story is taken very seriously even though they couldn't dazzle with big effects or stars. If you took this same movie and put it in a multi-million dollar setting and swapped either of the kids with a Disney kid or either of the adults with a sitcom actor, you'd have a major Hollywood release without changing ANY of the content or crew.

Also, the Amish. Creepy bastards. Creepy on sight.

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