The Hit List


Action / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 21%
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Cuba Gooding Jr. as Jonas Arbor
Cole Hauser as Allan Campbell
Michael Papajohn as Special Agent Drake Ford
Jonathan LaPaglia as Detective Neil McKay
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Right-Wing-Man 9 / 10

The Hit List Good ole American Fun...

The Hit List is good ole American fun. I am not sure why at this point the rating is 1.9, for e that is just simply retarded. The movie was from a couple of interesting POVs. On the one hand you have a CIA (I assume) Hit-man that gets cancer and loses his mind. The Protagonist is a total softy Cole Hauser, and the antagonist Gooding Jr., picks him out to help kill him... what he is really doing is helping Cole's character grow some below if you know what I'm saying. The story was action packed and engaging... both Cole and Cuba were great in this film and I was thoroughly entertained. All of the actors for that matter, played believable characters. Thanks to all involved in this one, it was a good movie : )

Reviewed by Melody Ayres-Griffiths 8 / 10

Surprisingly good...

I don't think it's a spoiler to say this film has a great deal to do with Collateral. Unfortunately, I think that perhaps the distributors also felt the same way, to the point of rejecting the film for fear of some kind of backlash. Although superficially it does share much with Collateral, it goes its own way, and has its own conclusion. And it's a good one. It may not be the most high- budget movie, and it may not be the best edited movie, but it does deliver better than most efforts seen lately, even in the big-budget category. Cuba may have a new career here as an Ice-T reminiscent bad-ass. Worth a matinée ticket.

For what it is, 8/10.

Reviewed by Wizard-8 5 / 10

Could have been worse... but not that great

I've come to the conclusion that Cuba Gooding Jr. has accepted his downfall to direct-to-DVD movies, because he doesn't seem to be trying to pick good projects anymore, including this one. In fairness, this project isn't as bad as some of his other turkeys. For a low budget direct-to-DVD project, the production values are okay, though there are signs of cost-cutting throughout (such as a number of close-ups and very few wide shots). The police in this movie don't come across as dumb as they do in other B movies, and the movie did interest me enough to wonder how the situation would be wrapped up in the end - though honestly, it wasn't worth the wait. The screenplay has a number of other problems, with some decisions by the hero to be so idiotic that I was groaning out loud, and some implausibilities by others that make no sense when you think about them closely. (For example, think about the way Gooding's character kills the second person on the list.) Gooding is simply unconvincing as a ruthless hit-man, and Hauser has to somehow make his stupid and spineless character sympathetic, which sees far beyond his abilities. If you ask me, more thought and planning went into the fancy opening credits sequence than with the rest of the movie.

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