The House of Seven Corpses


Action / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 32%
IMDb Rating 4 10 999


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John Carradine as Edgar Price
Faith Domergue as Gayle Dorian
John Ireland as Eric Hartman
Carole Wells as Anne
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by t-birkhead 7 / 10

Yes Virginia, John Carradine is in this film!

I watched this one one dark Saturday night, having read all the reviews saying that it was slow, boring, nonsensical etc. But, since I was alone in the house and I had spent the last week or so indulging in lots of mindless slasher films, I decided that it would be a good idea. Plus, the Radio Times film guide gives it an OK review and I always thought the people that write for it know their stuff. So, with the house pitch dark, I sat down to watch, and unexpectedly had a fine time. As others have said, the action is concentrated in the opening and the finale, but for me the film never became exactly uneventful or boring. The opening is a real doozy, a montage of creepy violence in the old Beale house that perfectly sets the tone. Then the film follows a low budget film crew shooting a horror picture there and concentrates on the business of film making, and the interactions of the different characters, slowly raising the spookiness quotient until things get pretty tense and unnerving at the end. Although there is little horror going on for a good portion of this one, I found the film well acted and very interesting. I always like films about film making and the cast handle their roles well, particularly Faith Domergue as the aging, faded star and John Ireland as the amusingly selfish has been director. John Carradine does good creepy work as a caretaker too. The drama works and their are some nice chuckles too. The film loses out by not mixing the supernatural events with the film within the film more and it could have done with more of the intensity that appears in the finale. Also, more background would have been nice, or more action. Having said that, I still found this an enjoyable little item and I would definitely recommend it to fans of little known slow burn old house spook horror, especially those who don't like gore, as there is none. Also recommended are the similar Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things and Effects, which also follows a low budget film crew.

Reviewed by daleja-dale 5 / 10

Love This Movie, Even Though it's Terribly Flawed!

I saw this Schockley horror film a half of dozen times since the 1970's and although anyone who seen it would have to admit it very flawed, it to me was a lot of fun to watch! It is an old school type of horror film,doesn't go to far with the blood and gore and relies on spooky atmosphere, music, and sound effects! And man was that atmosphere spooky, especially the opening score! In my own personal opinion, the opening score was one of the spookiest ever in a horror film, and I have seen many! The music from the chorus, the creepy looking house and paintings, the sound effects, and showing how each Beale family member died make that intro very, very, scary! If the rest of the film was as good as the introduction this film would have been a classic, but they didn't seem to want it to be that way! But, for some reason, I still love this film and hope someday they make a remake of it, with the same atmosphere, music, sound effects and creepy mansion, this time focusing on the Beale Family and what lead to their demise!

Reviewed by KMR 6 / 10

Take it for what it is...

A creepy, fun little low-budgeter about a hideous walking dead man stalking the cast and crew of an in-production horror movie filming at spooky old Beale Manor. I watched it over and over as a kid and it never failed to spook and entertain me. A good renter for horror buffs on an idle Thursday evening.......

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