The Houses October Built


Action / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 50%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mikep159 1 / 10

What a waste of time

I sat down and got all ready for a good horror movie. Too bad I chose this one. With in 15 minutes I should have shut it down, but I didn't, with the constant hope that it would turn around. It didn't.

For those who want to see this, the basic premise is decent (young people looking for a good underground-type Halloween haunted house) and it could have been a great movie had it gone in a different direction. But the acting, the writing, and ending fall short of anything less than awful.

(SPOILERS IN THIS PARAGRAPH) Let's discuss the ending. I do this in hopes of deterring people from wasting their time. It's terrible. I guess they thought being buried alive would make for a good ending. And it happens in an instant. No real lead up or reason given as to why. One minute they are in a haunted house, and at this point I thought it was going to turn into a Hostel type movie, but no, they just end up in coffins being buried alive. In my book, this sucks.

For a better time go see your dentist.

Reviewed by MovieLord23 5 / 10

A promising premise that falls in the clich├ęs of found footage

When I saw the trailer for The Houses October Built, I was very intrigued by it. It's a found footage movie which is easily in overkill these days, but the premise was interesting. I always liked the idea of a haunted house that took it too far in terms of scaring people to potentially harming them. Unfortunately, despite a promising premise, the movie still falls prey to the clichés of the found footage subgenre to make a rather forgettable entry.

Good: Like I stated, I really like the premise of a roaming haunted house that take their fear measures to the extreme along with a group of people who go on a trip to visit haunted houses. I think the found footage angle is necessary here unlike most of the movies released nowadays. The scenes involving the haunted houses are fun and they put you in the middle of the attractions. There are also some creepy moments thrown in there mostly involving clowns.

Bad: Unfortunately, the movie drags a lot when it isn't concentrating on the haunted houses. The characters are all very bland and uninteresting and we see a lot of conversations that add nothing to the story. This adds to the time length and it just meanders. Then the movie just goes full on Blair Witch/Paranormal Activity territory and it doesn't generate much suspense in its familiar scares.

Overall, while I do enjoy the premise and it does have fun sequences involving the haunted houses, it still isn't that scary and it drags too long to be effective.

Reviewed by chrismackey1972 4 / 10

Nothing great.

This movie is about 5 friends - 4 guys, 1 girl - who go on a roadtrip to various Halloween haunted houses. Along the way, they discover some rather weird people. Still, they're not satisfied with the "Mickey Mouse" halloween houses, so they opt for those of a darker, more realistic nature, which they soon find. Some of them chase the group of out the houses with chainsaws. That leads the group to wonder just how far some people will go not just to scare the guests, but to also a thrill for themselves, which is the message of the movie: How far will people go for a thrill.

The acting was good enough for what this was. Brandy Schaefer - the lead actress - is hot She reminded me a lot of Danielle Harris :D It's filmed through camcorders, which is an overused and rather annoying leftover gimmick from The Blair Witchcraft days. The movie finally starts moving along about 20 minutes before it ends; it's running time is 91 minutes, so yeah it's a bit boring up until then. I've heard there was an underworld of drugs, sex, and other dark vises, but I guess this movie is trying to say there's an underworld of Halloween houses, too. lol There is some nudity in this. The group goes to a strip club, and there are topless dancers with some of the fakest breasts I've ever seen.

I gave this a 4-star rating. The storyline about visiting haunted houses was original, and as I said, the acting was pretty good for a low-budget indie. I love Halloween; it's probably my favorite holiday, but this movie did very little to keep me interested. Most of it had the group traveling from one haunted house to another. It wasn't very enthralling. But if you're a fan of found-footage films, you might enjoy this more than I did. I would not watch this again because of the bore-factor.

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