The Human Contract


Action / Drama

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Tessa Thompson as Waitress
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hikacute 7 / 10

Femme Fetale no longer

This movie was a surprising little film for its intelligence and a nice change of pace for a repetitive genre. In films that open the same way this film does- two people of different social classes meet at a bar, one seems like a simple man of good repute and the conformist ideals of a hero, the other a dark, sexy foreign woman of the upper class who appears to be the femme fatal (the one who will drag this upright citizen through the depths of hell in a web of dangerous passion)- you think you've seen it all before. But the story turns in on itself- it is the hero of this film who carries a dark past, a not so clean cut belief system, and a desire to rebel against society- he is the violent one in turmoil going through his own form of hell. It is the female foreigner and seducer (played fantastically by Paz Vega) who raises him out of the depths to which he has sunk by instilling in him the need to connect with others and the ability to confront his past. Their affair is dangerous but necessary for character growth. He brings her down, but she saves him from himself. The ending scene is brilliant- the man paints his (metaphorical and literal) blue room to "White". He needs Michael (Paz Vega's character) to help him reach a state of solace to paint his life and create an empty canvas upon which the audience can draw their own conclusions. Is their affair healthy? No...maybe? Is it necessary, their coming into each others lives, and destroying what they have each built for themselves? YES

Reviewed by mdom 8 / 10

Surprise high quality European style dark drama.

Not knowing anything about cast or director helped me truly enjoy this film, I had no pre conceived ideas or expectations. Except for a few not fully explained issues, the main plot and non conventional story take you to an original situation where freedom, anguish, pain, and a chance for liberation clash incessantly. This movie is not for the standard American public, I can predict it will be very well received in other parts of the world with more sophisticated film tastes. The chemistry between both lead actors is electrifying, the continuous tension keeps your attention fixed. Not knowing how the story will end keeps you guessing multiple outcomes. The sexual encounters are realistic and totally appropriate.

Reviewed by p-stepien 7 / 10


Julian Wright (Jason Clarke) is a successful, if overworked, marketing specialist, who is unable to cope with several events from his past. Emotionally distanced he lost his wife to his friend and is currently contemplating signing the divorce papers. With his love life in tatters he focuses entirely on his job with a big pay rise and new office on the horizon. That is until he meets Michael (Paz Vega), a sexually charged immigrant with an overdose of charm and chaos (like Amelia on crack). Almost an erotic thriller, much in the vein of "9 and 1/2 Weeks", although with the slight twist that Paz takes on the role of Mickey Rourke.

I seldom tend to gift a movie more than it's general rating on IMDb, but I for one am completely sold by a very witty, well developed script with fairly deep underlying psychological commentary. I do understand some of the issues with the movie. First of them would be the main characters. Both Julian and Michael (however much eye-candy she may be) are severely unlikeable leads, but given that both have deep emotional issues I find their dysfunctionality rather appealing and warranted. This may cause a lot of negativity towards the movie due to the inability to form a connection between the viewer and the characters, but once you gloss over this and delve into the story it can be quite rewarding. The relationship between Michael and his family, friends as well as Paz is thoroughly believable, even if we fail to grow warm to them.

"The Human Contract" probably should have also had more focus around the main issue of contention: Michael. The addition of the family context was well warranted, if unevenly scripted, especially in the final act, where the movie does unforgivably falter and the resolution is appallingly done (acted, scripted and directed). Almost as if Jada Pinkett Smith had no idea how to finish the movie off nicely and concocted up a poor filler in which neither she not any of her crew had any faith in. Hence the unfitting hack-job to cap off some really inspirational filmmaking. Also some of the characters and situations seem superfluous and detrimental. In regards to this one big irk is the lack of resolution to Julian's marketing contract, which seems like a key part of the movie, but fails to be closed (it suddenly and inexcusably drops out of the story) by the end credits.

Nonetheless the dialogue is crisp and cerebral, while the direction is assured. All in all some very important elements for great filmmaking, but just needs to work a bit on some of the rough spots in the movie.

For those interested the movie does offer some great erotic scenes with real tension and memorable build-up - something that I haven't seen in cinema for quite some time.

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