The Hunchback of Notre Dame


Action / Animation / Drama / Family / Musical / Romance

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Demi Moore as Esmeralda
Kevin Kline as Phoebus
Jim Cummings as Guards / Gypsies
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jenny315 10 / 10

Disney grows up, and it is good

Going into the theater to see this movie, my friend and I (who are "cynical" teenage movie critics) honestly expected to be disappointed, especially after the relatively blah Pocahontas. When the movie was over 90 min. later, we both ran frantically to go buy the CD and read the book (which, actually, was rather different than the movie, but hey.).

I am 17 years old; I grew up watching The Little Mermaid and Aladdin. When Disney released this movie, which dealt with extremely heavy subject matter in an extremely tasteful manner, I jumped for joy. During the entire movie, I was amazed and spellbound. The music was also fantastic, by the way, as was the cinematography (although those crowd scenes begin to look really fake after a while). That scene where Quasimodo holds Esmerelda up in front of the rose window and yells, "Sanctuary!" still gives me chills.

This is not a movie for children in any way, shape or form. I think the only problem with Hunchback is the fact that Disney refused to accept that this is a serious, relatively adult motion picture and would not make any animated movie, no matter how serious, without obnoxiously cute little critters (i.e., the gargoyles) bouncing around to entertain the kiddies, or huge marketing campaigns at McDonald's, etc. As some others have written on here, it's pretty obvious this movie isn't for kiddies from its subject matter.

But anyone over 13 who's willing to think as well as be entertained when watching a Disney movie would probably love Hunchback.

Reviewed by Mark Kram 9 / 10

Disney's Miracle of a Movie

I've just read a comment that this movie has a lot of bad songs. I absolutely disagree - there may be some weak parts of script or so, but music is indeed very, very good. Alan Menken made a masterpiece, as usual! The orchestration, score, everything, not to mention good voices of characters. But it is true that maybe this story isn't exactly meant for children, although Disney tried to make it closer to a child's ear and eye. I also think that the animation was really good - much more expressive than some of newer Disney's movies that were made almost entirely by computers. It's a pity that Hunchback wasn't more successful - it certainly deserved it.

Reviewed by anonymous 5 / 10

Wow. . .I mean, Wow

Disney's THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME is an inspired piece of filmmaking. After POCAHONTAS, many of my friends were disillusioned with Disney films, so I went to see it with just one other person (usually we go in groups of at least 4). I was awestruck. The movie is a perfect blend of all the things that make Disney such a respected name: beautiful music, breathtaking animation (a perfect blend of hand drawn and computer), entertaining for adults and kids alike (though this may not be a movie for the youngest of the young), and an intelligent and well-executed script. Paying proper respect to the story as written yet making the necessary refinements to make it a children's movie, this script (note how I carefully avoided a dangling participle), is one of the finest adaptations of a novel for the screen I have ever seen. And for those who thought the ending lost all of its tragic bite, I have one serious question for you: Why exactly DID Esmerelda choose Phoebus over Quasimodo? Think about it.

Andrew Dixon

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