The Hunters


Action / Adventure

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Alexa PenaVega as Dylan Savini
Robbie Amell as Paxton Flynn
Michelle Forbes as Jordyn Flynn
Victor Garber as Mason Fuller
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rahulr-50637 2 / 10

Could have been a lot better

The basic story-line is good but it has holes the size of the Grand Canyon.

In the beginning, 2 Hunters (Husband and Wife team) go hunting for an object (a shard of the mirror from the snow white story) in Thailand and are betrayed by their new partner. Both hunters try to cross a valley on a single rope and harness at the same time but the line is cut. Most mysteriously the Husband goes missing and at the end of the movie he sends an SOS from Peru!!! How was he transported from Thailand to Peru? And why was the Wife not transported with him?

Their 2 sons are told of their family business of Hunting by the elder one's ex-girlfriend (she is also a Hunter). The 3 go on a journey to find the shards.

The children find the location of a shard in a cave. They find water flowing down a open Snake head statue into a basin and for some reason figure out that the water flow is "broken" and that they need to stop the flow of water to find the shard. The water flow mysteriously stops when the elder of the 2 keeps his hand in the snake's mouth. Now the basin has a vase. Instead of one of the other 2 extracting the vase, he gets it out with both hands. How come the vase didn't disappear when he removed the hand stopping the water flow.

The story has a "filthy rich" villain who has only 3 henchmen.

The Hunters motto "Find and protect, but never use". In the end the Wife destroys the mirror, which is a bummer. Why did you start searching for it in the first place and then continue searching for it if all you do is destroy the object in the end. I think that if they had just stopped searching for more missing pieces of the mirror and turn their efforts to regaining the shards taken from them in the first place, they could have served their motto better.

Poor direction sums it all.

Reviewed by stefan1429 4 / 10

Low budget Indiana Jones meets the librarian knock off

this is fun to watch if you like adventure movies like "The librarian" and "Indiana Jones", the acting is terrible but it is entertaining nonetheless.

I recommend watching "The librarian" instead but if there is nothing else to watch on your play list go ahead and give it a go.

like i said before, the acting is terrible and the writing poor. The choice of weapons by the villains is also questionable, Crossbows? and why does Interpol have a terrible German accent? The children are written extremely poor and snobby.

On to another review Stefan

Reviewed by grandmastersik 3 / 10

If you haven't seen it, you're not missing much

From the very opening, this had TV written all over it.

The locations imply that production values were good, but the actors, outfits, make-up, etc., all said that there was a second-rate production team behind it (nobody seemed to sweat or get dirty hiking through jungles, for instance, and these little details really take a viewer out of a tale on a subconscious level).

As for the plot: well, it's a very TV-series-pilot affair, with villains who shoot their own henchmen in the backs for no apparent reason (and with crossbows(!) that I imagine were hidden away inside a bra) and action that is neither gritty nor pops off the screen as impressive - actually, think of the kind of bland fights from Xena and just know that they were better...

I suppose that really, this film was aimed at children/young teenagers, so I wasn't the target audience, but from an adult's point of view, there's nothing new and what there is has been done better a hundred+ times already.

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