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James Franco as Dr. Cairn
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Josh Duhamel as Detective
Eric Roberts as Dr. Torrington
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fred-107 4 / 10


This could have been a great 45 minute documentary about the Rosewood Institution and its perverse treatment of patients and its ulterior motive. Instead what we got was a badly written, badly directed film with cheap sets and an onslaught of boring drama. Don't waste your time on this stinker.

Reviewed by Jeff2sayshi 7 / 10

Sufficiently creepy, but very odd

The Institute is VERY loosely based on a true story. The true story of the Rosewood Center is strange enough on its own. A mental health institution whose patients were taken by the rich as slaves. The movie takes the idea of being used by the rich, but keeps it within the walls of the building itself.

Isabel (Allie Gallerani) checks into Rosewood on her doctor's orders for grief and anxiety. When meeting Dr. Cairn (James Franco) the doctor takes her under his wing and makes her his star patient. He works on breaking her entirely to the point where she doesn't know who she is, and can become someone else as part of a performance for the rich.

It's all illogical, but if you can just go along with it, the performances allow for the creepiness to come through. It definitely won't be for everyone, and some may hate it, but there is more to it than originally thought.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 3 / 10


In 1893 Baltimore, Isabel Porter (Allie Gallerani) has been out of sorts since the passing of her parents. Eric Roberts convinces her and her brother that she could get the finest care at Baltimore's upscale Rosewood Institute where she could get some R&R. The doctors have brain washing practices facilitated by a drug whose content we discover at 50 minutes into the film. At this point the movie descends into an improbable Poe feature complete with a pendulum. Serious,"based on true stories" and they have a freaking pendulum from the Inquisition.

The acting was mediocre for a horrible script that lacked depth. The characters were a bit shallow, and did women shave their hooch in the 19th century? Just asking. No reason. (Psst. Thank you Allie.) There was a Rosewood Institute. It was for feeble minded children ages 7-17 some with autism which hadn't been "discovered" as yet. The girls were adopted by the rich and used as slaves, some as sex slaves. It was not an upscale center for adults. The rites and practices that went on there, including the freaking pendulum was not exactly historical. In fact the film would have been better served in a non-historical setting. I mean a zombie-vampire apocalypse would not have made the film any less historical. James Franco-why? The film includes a lot of good actors plus Eric Roberts and Pamela Anderson.

No swearing. 3 stars for the nudity (Allie Gallerani, Zoe Bleu, +others)

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