The Intern


Action / Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 61%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 76%
IMDb Rating 7.1 10 165850


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Anne Hathaway as Jules
Nat Wolff as Justin
Rene Russo as Fiona
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Alex Dumitru 10 / 10


I saw the trailer for 'The Intern' sometime ago, advertised before 'Spy (2015)'. I liked the premise and the two lead actors, so today (the premiere in Romania) I had to watch it.

I expected a fun, neat comedy but what I experienced was so much more: a great plot, brilliantly executed and acted. The jokes and fun parts were on point, and the world the movie created felt very authentic, immersive and a joy to watch on the big screen - this was helped by amazing costuming and cinematography.

The entire cast had very strong chemistry between them, and both Hathaway and De Niro were wonderful.

Overall an awesome, heartwarming movie. I walked out of the movie theater with a smile.

Reviewed by karimhamamo160 10 / 10

That kind of movie that makes your day

This is my first review on the IMDb website and i have been a member for more that 9 years now, that's who much i loved this movie. It just give you that positive thoughts and energy within a lovely comedian scenario.

I loved how they mix between the classic culture with the modern one. It was very interesting to watch how they remind our generation about the habits which they are missing from the classic one.

De Niro and Anne Hathaway have excellent work chemistry. Director and camera teams made a great job too... Team work, thank you for this lovely movie...

Reviewed by madtrip 10 / 10

The perfect movie

The Intern .... The sweetest, most perfect And heart touching I have seen in a long time. Of course it helps that Robert De Niro is there but what a movie! This is what all movies should be.

Robert De Niro plays the perfect gentleman, the kind we don't see anymore. And every woman who sees the movie will fall a bit in love with him. Anne Hathaway perfectly plays the role of a successful entrepreneur, a working wife and mom who thinks about everything and everyone and still feels guilty about being a working woman, even after the perfect gentleman tells her He should not be the feminist amongst the two of them. Every working woman will identify with her inner struggles. The story is perfect, with the perfect practical ending, as life is always more practical than idealistic. The small touches like the housewives who look down upon the working mom and make her feel guilty (I have seen many of those), the successful aggressive entrepreneur's fear of hurting her mom, the stay-at-home dad's end-of-day exhaustion that the working mom does not really understand and the young boss' discomfort with her elderly intern... All so real. There's an idea here which I spoke about long back... The huge talent pool of retired people nobody is willing to hire. The intern's wisdom and practicality brings a calm and peace to the busy boss' life. There's a lesson here for us all here. Look at our elders and learn from them. Stop a while in your busy life to get more out of it.

Loved the movie, hope everyone of my generation sees it.

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