The Internship


Action / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 34%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 52%
IMDb Rating 6.3 10 169019


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Rose Byrne as Dana
Dylan O'Brien as Stuart
Will Ferrell as Matress Salesman
Owen Wilson as Nick Campbell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by modmaniac 1 / 10

Avoid this horrible ad campaign

This is nothing more than a two minute ad stretched out to a full feature. Its so painfully obvious that it is nothing more than a ad campaign and not a serious movie. Although there is some funny moments in this its pretty clear that Owen is a bit short on cash and agrees to anything these days which is so sad because i really like him as an actor. But the way both him and Vince Vaughn is selling themselves short is horrible.

My advise is to stay far away from this horrible corporate ad campaign. Shame on you Owen i thought that you had more integrity than this......

This movie isn't really a movie its a painful advertisement Avoid it if you can

I gave this a 1 out of 10 just because its an ad not a movie

Reviewed by Alana Le 10 / 10

Humorous Feel Good Film

I never write reviews but after seeing how the film has been reviewed as mediocre, I thought I ought to, but I'll keep it short and sweet. To be blatantly honest, I saw the film mainly because Dylan O'Brien was in it. However,now that I've seen it, I would watch it again even if Dylan O'Brien weren't in it. It was humorous and I could connect with the nerd references in the film which I found to be very funny. More than it was funny, it was refreshing. The film felt modern and was spot on about society and how it works today. The settings themselves will have you in awe at just how cool they are. All the characters were lovable as well and strayed from what I had first expected in a good way. I mean, it was impossible to not connect with them, if not at least one. The film contained that basic underdog story line but the way they executed this story line was different and I appreciated it. This isn't a film that has the biggest climax or heartfelt ending, but it will keep you smiling the entire time. A very entertaining movie through and through.

Reviewed by hmdewane 3 / 10

Cheesy forced humor, save your money

AS soon as I got out of the movie, I came home to give this movie a horrible review. It was so cheesy, it was almost unwatchable. The lines are very corny, the acting is horrible...I love Owen Wilson AND Vince Vaughn, but this was just painful to watch. The plot line was ridiculously predictable. There was hardly any "conflict" or adversity. Poorly produced... a lot of big names in the movie makes it even worse. Will Ferrell's character was embarrassingly bad. He was not funny, and overall he was really unnecessary. This movie was such a waste of time. Basically a two hour long advert for google. Don't waste your money. Rent Wedding Crashers instead

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