The Interview


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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 53%
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Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Joseph Gordon-Levitt
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Seth Rogen as Aaron Rapaport
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Heaan Lasai 1 / 10

Forced situations, shock value & "Never go full retard."

The premise and subject for this movie gave the writers the opportunity for an entertaining future cult film. It could have been an entertaining political satire, the possibilities were endless. Additionally the media attention could have made for a legendary movie. Alas, no such luck. Lazy writing turned this film into a waste of a good afternoon. The entire film consists of forced situations, stupidity and shock value humour. Forced situations; When done smoothly situational humour can be very entertaining, but here the writers seem to have been too lazy to set up each situation smoothly. Instead they just force each situation into existence. Full retard; Some stupidity can often be humorous, but never go full retard. Here the main character Dave here cannot recognize a tiger, and describes it as "a strange big stripy orange dog". Apparently that's supposed to be funny. Shock value humour; Shock value is seldom entertaining, and it's a hallmark of lazy writing. When Dave isn't "going full retard" he is yelling profanities like how his genitals smell like guacamole. Aides from these themes there is nothing humorous in this flick. Save your time and money, watch something else.

Reviewed by korona1984 1 / 10

Waste of time

Well, where do we start with this one? Obviously I watched this film knowing what kind of attention had been drawn to it, from crazy Korean hackers, terrorists threatening to bomb theatres to the US president himself. I really hoped that after all the hype it would live up to expectations. And it failed miserably. Cheap humour, jokes and dialogues below criticism most of the time, acting...well, what kind of acting would you expect if the script is not there, the list goes on. Finally, very predictable and flat story, with a major twist easy enough to predict for a 10-year old. But worst of all - the rating. Have you people lost your marbles?! I honestly wanted to give it a 4/10 and before I went on IMDb I was expecting it to be overrated at, say 6/10, but well over 8?! And we're talking over 70 000 votes! This is an insult to cinematography and any intelligent viewer alike that such a piece of garbage should get a score of 8+. It's just unreal. Therefore I'm giving it a 1/10 in a hope that the rating will be quickly brought down to where it actually belongs. It's amazing that only because the film has a political nature, people are willing to rate it so high. Rate it for what it is, don't fool other people into paying to actually see this.

Reviewed by seg9585 5 / 10

Review From Someone Who Actually Saw the Movie

I saw The Interview in a screening around April 2014. This was an in-production screening so much of the music and graphics were not yet complete, but the filming/sequencing/editing was complete.

It's honestly just another ridiculous Seth Rogen comedy. Rogen and Franco are portrayed as American idiots who can't do anything right, much less pull off an assassination attempt on Kim Jung Un when they are tasked to do so after scoring an exclusive interview with Franco (for whom the North Koreans are huge fans).

They fly to NK and get pampered by Kim Jong Un and his generals. Several times the Americans get "ready" to pull off the assassination but keep making mistakes (such as losing their assassination "device", or almost killing themselves in the process) to the frustration of the CIA.

Eventually a "senior official" of Kim Jung Un's finds out what they're up to and agree to help with the assassination attempt. This leads to a series of ridiculous action scenes and random buildings getting blown up, Rogen/Franco driving a tank in an attempt to escape NK, and Un himself leading a an attempt to stop the Americans from escaping.

If this movie didn't stir up so much real-life political controversy, basically no one would be talking about it a day after walking out of theaters.

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