The Invasion


Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 19%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 40%
IMDb Rating 5.9 10 68013


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Daniel Craig as Ben Driscoll
Nicole Kidman as Carol Bennell
Malin Akerman as Autumn
Jeffrey Wright as Dr. Stephen Galeano
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by steeped 7 / 10

Not bad... just not award worthy.

I didn't know much about Invasion before I walked into this movie. I heard the bad reviews from critics but hell, who listens to them? While watching this movie, I wasn't aware that The Invasion was re-filmed and rewritten. Apparently they rewrote it to add the twist in the end, as well as they added more action sequences with faster and better-angled camera work.

So the movie starts off right away with Carol Bennell (Nicole Kidman) scattering around the medicine cabinet in a Pharmacy whispering "stay awake, don't fall asleep" to herself. The neat fast-paced camera work kept you right into the movie from the beginning, but sadly the amazing beginning just doesn't match up to the pathetic ending. It seemed like they got tired of writing the movie so they decided to end it off with a simply and quick ending.

Some organism from a different planet crashed down to Earth and took over the citizens of the world. When the organism comes in contact with a human, they will become a different alien-ish like being obsessed with capturing people and affecting the world with their plague. When each person was affected, they would turn into these emotionless, mindless and painless zombies while they sleep. In search of her son, Carol Bennell gets affected and must stay awake so she would be able to save her boy. With help from Ben Driscoll (Daniel Craig) and his team of doctors, they go on the search for a cure, to save humanity and especially, save Carol.

I find that this movie gave off the message it was trying to, but in the process it failed at almost everything else. I was expecting, before walking into this movie that it would be filled with suspense with my heart jumping ever so often... but I wasn't scared or thrilled once. The suspense scenes had great music playing, had the great camera angles, but was just missing the spice to make it really work. And in regards to the end of the movie... I can promise you the writers got tired of having to rewrite a story and just through in a quick, painless ending. Course the quick painless ending resulted in annoyance for the audience.

While I walked out of the theater, I was thinking about this movie and how I would interpret it. One thing came to my head, and it was that the new directors did what they were supposed to - make me think and remember this movie once I leave the theater. This was NOT a forgettable movie, rather quite memorable. Sure there was a bad ending, but my eyes were attached to the screen throughout the whole film. I didn't look at my watch once, and for me that gives this movie a big bonus.

Reviewed by rdambroso 7 / 10

Not Bad..Nicole lookin good!

We went to see this last night. After all of the horrific reviews, I was expecting a real P.O.S. I was pleasantly surprised. While not to say it was an AWESOME movie or anything. It was good Sci Fi fun. I get irritated when a lot of movie buffs are looking for every film to be a Gone with the Wind or something. This was just a fun, smooth, entertaining production. I've never been a real fan of Nicole kidman, but I must say, she was quite fetching in this movie. If you are looking for the 50's version of War of the Worlds..The forbidden planet..John Carpenter's the doesn't qualify. If you are looking for a fun Sci Fi Thriller to watch, it does the job.

Reviewed by emgasulla 8 / 10

Blame it on the Hollywood suits

I honestly don't think the movie is worth an 8, not in its released form. But since the cuts and additions from the suits are so painfully obvious, I'm willing to give a higher rating to the movie that could have been... and for now, only the original director Oliver something has seen.

So the original movie (which is still discernible somehow) was supposed to be a dark, slow take on isolation, pill overuse and boring modern life. With a twist: a mom so desperate to protect her child, she would silently watch other people being killed as long as she can find her kid. That's actually moving and seldom seen in a macho-dominated Hollywood. I won't say that ice cold Kidman is the right choice to depict a desperate mom, but given that her role is to often look emotionless (so she can pass as another "pod people") she doesn't do too badly.

Now, the suits didn't like that and called those soft-brained Wachowski bros to make it -supposedly- more mainstream. And what they did was to add car chases, crashes, helicopters, fires and senseless violence in general. Inserted into the original movie at close intervals to keep people amused (or so they thought). Now, there are a few good directors who can pull out a combination of slow burn and crazy action. But a patchwork movie made of two different directors' bits, guys with widely opposed instincts and goals, no wonder the result is a flop.

If anything is to be learned from this, it's how little do Hollywood executives know about what makes a good movie. Granted, a non-stop mishmash of violence and fifth-drink bar philosophy like The Matrix can earn the big bucks, but you can't expect Matrix-like bits to improve what was intended to be a slow paced, moody film. Which was probably condemned to be a box office failure, but also could have been pretty good.

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